Two Much

Directed by Fernando Trueba
Starring Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Darryl Hannah, Joan Cusack,Danny Aiello

This film will be chiefly remebered for being the one where Banderas and Griffith discovered each other, and fell in love. In truth, there is little else that is memorable in this badly executed comedy. Banderas is broke art dealer cum hustler Art Dodge(!) who tries to pass trashy art onto the families of recently deceased rich folk. One day he picks on the wrong house and meets mob man Aiello and his ex wife Betty(Griffith) at Aiello's father's funeral. Inexplicably, Griffith and Banderas end up in bed, and before he knows where he is Betty is planning their wedding. Meanwhile, Art bumps into Betty's sister Liz(Hannah) in the shower. She takes an instant dislike to him. Later, Art tries to hide from Aiello and his heavies by pretending to be his own twin brother Bart(!!) and then as Bart charms his way into Liz's bed. This situation builds to a very predictable but reasonably enjoyable climax.

On the plus side for this film, are the always excellent Aiello and Cusack. They both often play supporting characters in film, but are always worth seeing. Cusack was especially memorable as Melanie Griffith's pal in her one decent film Working Girl. Darryl Hannah has had a strange career. She has been busier being John Kennedy Jr's girlfriend than doing any acting after her big splash in Splash. She is appealling enough in an underwritten role.
Griffith is slightly less annoying than usual, as she is supposed to be self centred and insensitive, but even her voice is less grating. However, she is no comedienne, unlike Cusack. Her appeal is purely in the looks and charm department as she isn't an outstanding actress. I don't really get her success at all, but maybe she DOES appeal to men. Well, she's got the gorgeous Banderas, so she must have something. Yes, he is very handsome, but Banderas is all wrong for this film. His brand of Latin charm doesn't work in a supposed screwball comedy. While fine as the slightly slimy art dealer, he doesn't do the bed hopping bits with the style and charm required. Plus, his disguise of putting on glasses and letting his hair down shouldn't fool anyone whose name isn't Lois Lane! His is the crucial role, and unfortunately he doesn't pull it off.

Pretty scenery, lavish houses, beautiful people, bad acting, poor script, sloppy direction. If you are in a benevolent mood (as I was) you might quite enjoy the antics, but I think you'll have to be quick. I was alone in the cinema, and I think this one will sink without a trace very quickly. Two bad! 5/10.

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