Under the Skin (15)

Directed by Jonathan Glazer
Starring Scarlett Johanssen

What the hell was that??? I'm still not sure if this was a masterpiece or a pile of pretentious nonsense! (I'm going for a middle rating as I'm still not sure!)
Johanssen is an alien (possibly?) who drives around Scotland in a Transit van picking up men and then seducing them before taking them and erm... I don't quite know what she does with them! Many of the conversations were improvised and featured Johanssen genuinely driving around picking up men.... some were scripted (prosumably) and are very strange. There's a bit at a beach I didn't understand. Then a highly disturbing ending in a wood involving petrol. There is a lot of very weird and disturbing imagery and this is certainly a highly original film.

Johanssen is to be commended for taking on a project like this, and you have no trouble believing she could be an alien, just as it is totally believable she could lure men so easily! Her English accent is pretty good too.
Extremely strange. 6/10

March 2014.

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