Episode Guide

1.1 Nikita
1.2 Charity
1.3 Love
1.4 Simone
1.5 Friend
1.6 Treason
1.7 Mother
1.8 Escape
1.9 Gray
1.10 Choice
1.11 Rescue
1.12 Innocent
1.13 Gambit
1.14 Recruit
1.15 Obsessed
1.16 Missing
1.17 Noise
1.18 Voices
1.19 War
1.20 Verdict
1.21 Brainwash
1.22 Mercy

The Cast:

   Nikita                          -Peta Wilson
   Michael                       -Roy Dupuis
   Walter                         -Don Francks
   Birkoff                         -Matthew Ferguson
   Operations                  -Eugene Robert Glazer
   Madeline                     -Alberta Watson

Theme by Mark Snow
Music by Sean Callery
Production Designer - Rocco Matteo
Creative Consultant - Robert Cochran
Producer - Jamie Paul Rock
Executive Producer - Joel Surnow
Assistant to Joel Surnow - Christopher Heyn
Executive Producer - Jay Firestone

1.1: "Nikita"

Writer - Cyrus Nowrasteh
Director - Jon Cassar
Special Guest star - Bill MacDonald

Falsely convicted of killing a cop, a street "kid" named Nikita, is taken from prison by the highly trained, highly secret counter- terrorism unit "Section One", who give Nikita a choice: work for them and become a trained assassin, or refuse and be "cancelled" (i.e. killed).

1.2: "Friend"

Writer - Naomi Janzen
Director - Guy Magar
Special Guest star - Marnie McPhail

In the midst of meeting a contact, Nikita comes across a woman (Marnie McPhall) who says she is Julie, Nikita's friend from back in grammar school. But when Operations finds out, he orders a hit on Nikita's old friend, which poses a moral dilemma for Nikita.

1.3: "Simone"

Writer - Michael Loceff
Director - Jerry Ciccoritti
Special Guest star - Julian Richings

During a standard operation against a terrorist group, in which Nikita poses as a potential recruit, Nikita discovers that, Michael was once married to a fellow operative named "Simone" whom Michael thinks is dead, and that Simone is still alive and held captive by the terrorist group. A rescue is in order but don't expect a happy ending.

1.4: "Charity"

Writer - Robert Cochran
Director - Kari Skogland
Special Guest star - Simon MacCorkindale

Section One assigns Nikita the task of romancing a man named Alec Chandler (Simon MacCorkindale) whom Operations will only say is a "money launderer". But Nikita wonders what Section One's real interest in Alec is, especially after she starts to fall for him.

1.5: "Mother"

Writer - Naomi Janzen
Director - Guy Magar
Special Guest star - Sherry Miller

Nikita poses as the long-lost daughter of Helen Wicke (Sherry Miller), the wife half of an arms-dealing couple led by her husband, John Wicke (Wayne Best). But, to recover what the Section is after (a nuclear trigger), Operations may be willing to sacrifice Nikita to get to the woman. An exciting and thoughtful episode.

1.6: "Love"

Writer - Michael Loceff
Director - Jon Cassar
Special Guest star - Tobin Bell

Nikita and Michael pose as a married mercenary couple to capture a depraved chemical weapons terrorist, which complicates their feelings for each other especially as they are expected to put on a show.

1.7: "Treason"

Writer - Robert Cochran
Director - Jerry Ciccoritti
Special Guest star - Peter Outerbridge

While Section One mounts an operation to deport a murderous thug, Nikita begins to suspect that a traitor is at work in Section One trying to undermine the operation. What will she do about it?

1.8: "Escape"

Writers - Andrew Dettman and Daniel Truly
Director - George Bloomfield
Special Guest star - Jaimz Woolvett

Nikita gets an offer from a fellow Section One operative: come with him and escape from Section One, and he will erase their files so that they both may be free. But Nikita's high ethical standards, her fear that Section One is testing her, and her feelings for Michael, may prevent her from taking the offer.

1.9: "Gray"

Writer - Robert Cochran
Director - Ken Girotti
Special Guest star - Callum Keith Rennie

Section One's computer files are broken into and "The Registry", the listing of all of the Section's agents, identities and whereabouts, is in the hands of a terrorist who wants to sell it to the highest bidder. But the search for The Registry ends up involving an architect named Gray Wellman who may have inavertanly gotten The Registry and whom Nikita is assigned to.

1.10: "Choice"

Writer - Michael Loceff
Director - George Bloomfield
Special Guest star - Callum Keith Rennie

Nikita's affair with Gray Wellman threatens Section One's ability to capture a drug lord, and Madaline begins turning the screws to Nikita to make a choice: dump Wellman, or be "cancelled". One of the more memorable set pieces from the movie is recreated when Nikita and Gray go on holiday and Michael poses as Nikita's uncle to check out Gray.

1.11: "Rescue"

Writer - Peter Bellwood
Director - Ken Girotti
Special Guest stars - Nancy Beatty and Nigel Bennett

When an operation goes bad, Nikita and team have to abandon a shot and wounded (and maybe dead) Michael in Eastern Europe. Afterwards, Nikita wants to go back to try and find him, but Operations says no, until word that Michael may still be alive gets back to them. Meanwhile, Michael tries to get a nurse (Nancy Beatty) to hide him, while the country's Head of Secret Police (Nigel Bennett) hunts for him. This episode has a movie like feel to it- fast and exciting.

1.12: "Innocent"

Writer - Michael Loceff
Director - George Bloomfield
Special Guest star - Maury Chaykin

While playing with the capabilities of Section One, Berkoff discovers a nuclear bomb aboard a plane that proceeds to land at a U.S. airport. And the Section One team sent to the airport soon discover the only witness who saw the people moving the bomb: a simpleminded drifter (Maury Chaykin) who got lost delivering pizza. But Nikita becomes concerned when it becomes clear that the man will never be allowed to leave Section One alive after he is debriefed.

1.13: "Recruit"

More "mind games" from Operations and Madeline: Nikita must evaluate whether a recruit, Karyn (Felicity Waterman), who is two weeks away from finishing her training, should be made a full operative, or "cancelled". But the recruit's old mentor warns Nikita that the recruit is "sick", making Nikita's difficult decision even more difficult.

1.14: "Gambit"

Master terrorist and master of disguise, Gregor Kessler (Harris Yulin), is about to attempt to steal some radioactive Cobalt-60 to poison the water supply of a major city, and Section One must stop him. But when they capture Kessler (without the Cobalt-60), Madeline must interrogate him, which leads to a test of wills between Madeline, who uses Kessler's secret daughter against him, and Kessler, who uses his knowledge of the fate of Madeline's sister against her. Facinating look at a really scary and ruthless villain and a good showcase for Alberta Watson.

1.15: "Obsessed"

Director- TJ Scott

To get the location of "The Book", a document "damaging to western interests", the Section uses Michael's romantic charms to get to the abused wife, Lisa Fanning (Yvonne Scio), of a terrorist, David Fanning (Douglas O'Keeffe). But Nikita thinks that the Section's tactics in this particular case will damage the woman's already frail psyche. Look out for Roy Dupuis' rear!

1.16: "Noise"

During a mission, Birkoff is forced to make his first kill, which affects his mission performance and causes Operations and Madeline to put him in "abeyance", which is one step short of "cancellation". And, of course, Nikita feels a need to help him out of his predicament.

1.17: "War"

A real nightmare: a terrorist group known as "Red Cell" has obtained "The Registry" (see episode #1.9) and is waging a total war against Section One. As Section operatives across the globe are hunted down one by one, Operations orders the evacuation of Section One Headquarters to a secret location. But Michael tells Nikita the new HQ's location, and when Nikita is captured while waging a counteroffensive against "Red Cell", she is tortured for the information. Meanwhile, Michael must go in and get her back out, before it's too late for all of Section One.

1.18: "Missing"

What starts out as a standard operation against a group of three thieves who plan to steal a classified computer chip and then sell it to a terrorist, turns complicated for Nikita when Operations comes to her with some stunning news, and a request. It seems one of the thieves, Steven Wolf (Christopher Kennedy) is Operation's son (who doesn't know that Operations is still alive), and Operations wants Nikita to keep him alive throughout the mission, at all costs. So Nikita makes a deal with Operations: she'll keep his son alive, if Operations will give Nikita her freedom.

1.19: "Voices"

After a surveillance mission, Nikita is attacked by a man, who turns out to be a serial rapist/killer. But a policeman's (Stephen Shellen) determination to get Nikita's testimony against the killer, puts the Section's operation against a Yugoslavian diplomat and terrorist, and Nikita, in jeopardy.

1.20: "Brainwash"

Trying to crack a terrorist's mysterious plan, Section One tracks down one of his "phasing shells", an advanced virtual-reality device that is being used by the terrorist as part of his plan. What the device is being used for is unknown to the Section, so Nikita volunteers to try out the device. But after the routine test, Nikita begins to display an almost addiction-like behavior toward the device.

1.21: "Verdict"

Nikita and Michael are on a mission to protect Jovan Mirovich (Eric Peterson; an earlier assignment for Section One: see episode #1.2), the new Head of a European nation recently racked by Civil War, from an assassination attempt at the Inaugural Ball, a diplomatic gathering. When they successfully neutralize the assassin, they seem to be in the clear, until a distraught father (David Calderisi) and a band of rebels break in and hold everyone hostage. Their intent? To try Mirovich for "Crimes Against Humanity", specifically the rape and torture of the rebel leader's daughter.

1.22: "Mercy"

Written - Michael Locef

A terrorist named Gabriel Tyler (Richard Clarkin) has hired a chemist named Stanley Shays (Sean Whalen) (through a businessman/contact named Spidel) to develop a highly powerful, yet untraceable, polymer explosive. So Section One tracks down Shays to prevent Tyler from getting his hands on the explosive. But when Shays is recaptured by the terrorist, Tyler, a team lead by Michael and Nikita are sent in to extract him. When the operation goes sour, Nikita fails to "cancel" Shays (yet another one of Nikita's unfortunate attacks of conscience), prompting Operations to settle the matter once and for all: he sends Nikita back in to the terrorist camp, on a suicide mission! This leads to quandary for Michael (for once!): does he send Nikita to certain death, or does he...?

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