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Star Trek Voyager Episode Guide

A new Star Trek series - and the first with a female captain - sets sail. Some first season stiffness as everyone settles into their roles and none of the familiar Trek baddies. A bunch of new alien species that were largely farily dull. The hoped for edginess with Starfleet and Maquis crew never really developed. Kate Mulgrew was a pretty strong captain and led the crew well but of the rest of the crew, only Robert Picardo as the holgraphic doctor really made a strong impression. However, some good stories along the way and a promising start.

1.1 & 1.2 Caretaker

While searching for a missing Maquis ship, the USS Voyager finds itself transported 70,000 light years from home. Joining with the Maquis crew they strive to find a way home.
Feature length pilot episode that introduces Voyager, the Maquis, the Kazon and all of the main characters. A good opener. 8/10.

1.03 Parallax

When attempts to rescue a ship stuck in a quantum singularity fail, the crew must work out if everything it as it appears.
Very disappointing first episode proper, reusing old Trek ideas and technobabble instead of plot or originality. They went all the way to the Delta quadrant for this?! 5/10.

1.04 Time and Again

During an investigation of a recently devastated world, Janeway and Paris accidentally travel back in time to one day before the event that kills all life on the planet.
A much better episode, and the Captain gets to let her hair down for the first time. Tom Paris is even quite likeable here! 7/10.

1.05 Phage

When one of the Voyager crew is attacked by aliens that harvest bodily organs, Janeway must confront the ethical problems of dealing with them.
The Vidiians are a slightly more interesting enemy than the Kazon, and the production designers had fun doing their look. Some criticised Janeway for being too soft on these organ thieves. Nicely creepy. 6/10.

1.06 The Cloud

Searching for a boost to their energy supply in a nebula, the crew accidentally damage an unknown lifeform. Unmemorable.(Actually I am having trouble remembering which one this was.) One good line about coffee I think. 5/10.

1.07 Eye of the Needle

Voyager detects a wormhole that might just be able to get them home to the Alpha Quadrant.
A really good episode that suffers for being on too soon. What I mean is that 5 episodes in, we haven't got to know and love the crew well enough to be really sorry that their return home is thwarted. If this well-written (Story by Hilary Bader, script co-written by Jeri Taylor) and thoughtful episode came in series 2 or 3, it would have had more power. Still, a real highlight. 9/10.

1.08 Ex Post Facto

While on an away mission, Paris is accused of murder and sentenced to relive the incident over and over again for the rest of his life.
Oh dear! A real lowpoint! Every Trek has one(Matter of Perspective TNG, O'Brien has had a few of these on DS9). Why? It is episodes like this one that put a lot of people off Voyager. 5/10.

1.09 Emanations

Searching for a new element in an asteroid belt, Kim is transported to another reality and the only way back may be to die.
Jerry(Deep Throat) Hardin guest stars in this above average episode. Harry Kim is a likeable if slightly dull Voyager crew members. His experiences, and Janeway's interpretation of them make this a thoughtful story. 6/10.

1.10 Prime Factors

Voyager meets a very friendly race that may have a way to get them half way on their journey home, but do this strange people have an ulterior motive for welcoming them?
So near and yet so far-again! I liked the unusal planet that Voyager visited, and Janeway got to relax a bit, but did we really need another 'nearly home' story? The crew's mutinous attempts and Tuvoks scene with Janeway at the end lifted this into a pretty good one though. 7/10.

1.11 State of Flux

When a damaged Kazon ship is found, the explosion shows evidence of Federation technology. Captain Janeway must face the fact that there is a traitor onboard the Voyager.
The beginning of an intriguing sub-plot that kept us guessing for a while. Seska is a really good character and pops up a few more times to get more and more devious. 7/10.

1.12 Heroes and Demons

A number of crew go missing on the holodeck and the Doctor, on his very first away mission, is set to find out where they went.
The inevitable holodeck story that all Trek have (lots from TNG and DS9). Nearly saved by the excellent Robert Picardo, but not quite. A tired plot. 6/10.

1.13 Cathexis

Returning to Voyager after a shuttle mission, Chakotay falls into a coma and Tuvok appears to be lying. When crew start acting strange, they suspect they are not alone on the ship.
Poor Chakotay had a bit of a raw deal in this first series, barely establishing his character. Even though he is central to this story, he STILL isn't actually in it that much. An 'overtaken by alien entity' story. (Troi had a lot of those on TNG, and Bashir and the crew of DS9 did at least twice.) This lack of originality is disappointing. 5/10.

1.14 Faces

In an attempt to cure the Phage, B'Elanna is split into her Human and Klingon halves which must work together to escape.
The Vidiians are back, and they really are very ghoulish. The scene where B'Elanna's doctor comes in wearing the face of a 'red-shirt' crew man is truly gross. A pretty good episode and a nice showcase for Roxann Dawson. Torres is a character with a lot of potential.


1.15 Jetrel

A scientist responsible for killing thousands of Talaxians, including Neelix's family, comes aboard with serious news. But can he be trusted?
So-so story centring on Neelix that dosn't linger in the mind.(Yes, I've forgotten the details of this too.) 6/10.

1.16 Learning Curve

While Tuvok is tutoring some of the former Maquis crew, an accident occurs and Tuvok and company find themselves trapped and have to rely on each other.
Tuvok is a bit of a dull character. Too Vulcan to be likeable or anything but rigidly logical. This attempt to give him a bit of depth is quite good, although the Maquis crewmen should really hate him anyway for being a Starfleet spy on their ship. Contains the classic line,'Get the cheese to sickbay' !! 6/10.

2.01 The 37s

The Voyager crew are astonished to find a '37 Chevy floating in space and the distress signal leads them to a planet where it lands. There they find Amelia Eahart, the first woman to fly across the Pacific Ocean and other Earth people from 1937.
The landing of the ship was much hyped, but this story was only a moderate success for me. I did like the ethical dilemma that the Captain was in over whether to allow crew to leave Voyager rather than face a seemingly impossible journey home. It did have a nice end of season feel, a kind of 'end of part one' atmosphere. 7/10.

2.02 Initiations

Chakotay is attacked by a lone Kazon youth who has to prove himself by killing a Federation enemy.
An unispiring opener for series 2, notable for Aaron Eisenberg, Nog from DS9. Chakotay gets to star, but the story is dull. 5/10.

2.03 Projections

Convinced that Voyager is under attack from the Kazon, the Doctor leaves Sickbay to tend the wounded and descends into chaos where nothing can be trusted to be real. Reginald Barclay appears as a hologram representing the Doctor's control system.
The doctor is really better as comedy support, but Robert Picardo does a pretty good job here. This is another fantasy/reality holodeck thing - another far from new idea, but quite entertaining. 7/10.

2.04 Elogium

When space-borne creatures attach themselves to the ship, Kes prematurely enters the Elogium, the one time in her life she can have a child.
Kes is far less annoying than many people feared, and she builds a nice mother/daughter type relationship with the Captain here. However, the space creature that see Voyager as a rival is reminiscent of the TNG epidsode The Loss. Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay discover the joys of meditation, and spiritual animal guides. I liked the news that Torres tried to kill hers! 6/10.

2.05 Non Sequitur

Ensign Kim awakes to find himself in 24th Century San Francisco. Looking at his service record he finds that he was never assigned to the Voyager.
An alternate reality story that doesn't work very well at all. Harry is just super dull! 6/10. h3>2.06 Twisted The Voyager encounters a space disruption that traps the crew on the ship as it becomes a maze in which space folds in upon itself, each decision they make narrows their choices and further traps them.
Another spacial anomaly drifts by causing chaos. The effects on the ship were nicely done and Janeway goes a bit potty. I wasn't really into the bonding stuff near the end, when the crew think they are done for. A 'hmmm..' episode. 6/10.

2.07 Parturition

On a mission to a Class M planet, squabbling Neelix and Paris become trapped in a cave with a hatching alien lifeform. They must team up to protect each other and the baby alien.
Terrible! Voyager is really struggling as a series at this point. A stupid story trying to make Neelix more interesting. Didn't work. 4/10.

2.08 Persistence of Vision

Just before an important first contact meeting, the crew are troubled by disturbing images from their life. Paris sees his father and Janeway is shocked when her holodeck novel takes on a new twist.
A slight improvement, although not all that original. Hallucinations have been done in TNG(Where No One has Gone Before) and DS9(Whispers), but this is quite well executed. 6/10.

2.09 Tattoo

Chakotay is left behind on a planet inhabited by decendants of a Native American Indian tribe. He must face his past and remember his culture to convince the tribe of his goodwill.
I quite like Chakotay, but sorry Robert, this is a dull, dull, dull one! 5/10.

2.10 Cold Fire

On a space station, an Ocampan colonist offers to lead the crew to the second Caretaker, a female alien they call Suspiria.
The build up to finding this second caretaker was OK, although we KNOW they aren't going anywhere for a while. Another battle of wills with a nuisance alien, but a pretty good (if forgettable) Kes episode. 6/10.

2.11 Maneuvres

Seska returns with her Kazon allies with a massive shock for Commander Chakotay.
Pretty good one with Chakotay actually doing something for a change. 7/10.

2.12 Resistance

Caught up in a local conflict Tuvok is taken captive, Janeway is helped by an old man who believe she is his long-lost daughter.
Quite touching little tale with a good guest star, Broadway legend Joel Grey, and a new look for Janeway. Although her attempt at posing as a lady of the night was not very convincing. 8/10. Good performances all round.

2.13 Prototype

When the crew finds a humanoid robot floating in space, Torres attempts to repair it. Brought back to life, the sentient artificial lifeform explains that its kind is near extinction and demands that Torres builds a prototype for a new generation.
Torres is quite a favourite, but hasn't had enough featured episodes. This one has a really good opening as we see things from the robots perspective - director Jonathan Frakes' touch? An interesting but ultimately unmemorable one. 6/10.

2.14 Alliances

Janeway seeks to strengthen Voyager's position by forming an alliance with some of the Kazon sects. When the talks do not go well she looks to the Trabe who appear to have similar peaceful goals.
Janeway's decision making skills are exposed here in this political drama. Not everything can be solved by talking. We do see some discontent from the Voyager crew, which is about time really - and something that was sort of promised from the outset. 6/10.

2.15 Threshold

In a effort to find a quick way home, Paris flies a new transwarp shuttle to the never before achieved speed of Warp 10 but on his return he starts to exhibit very strange after-effects.
An all time low! Brannon Braga is the guilty writer but even he calls it 'a royal, steaming stinker', and this Paris story is just dire. Who can foget that bizarre ending with Janeway and Paris as lizards! A classic doctor moment; Janeway goes to see Paris in sickbay and asks if they can wake him. 'I don't see why not.' says the doc, and leans over and yells 'Wake up Leuitenant!' in his ear. Try to forget this episode happened. 2/10.

2.16 Meld

After a murder is committed on the ship, Tuvok melds with the guilty man to try and determine why he did such an evil deed and find himself spiralling into madness.
Guest star Brad Dourif always plays mad killers. Here Tuvok is the Vulcan gone nuts. Why do we love seeing emotionless Vulcans go crazy??.(I'm sure Spock had a few episodes like that.) An average one. 6/10.

2.17 Dreadnought

When the Voyager crew find a Cardassian guided missile headed towards a populated planet, Torres must face up to the actions of her past and stop the errant projectile.
A bit too similar to Prototype really. Torres needs something a bit different. However, ethical dilemmas for Janeway in this pretty good episode. 6/10.

2.18 Death Wish

A desperate refugee from the Q-Continuum seeks refuge on Voyager, but it is not long before Q arrives to take him home. Janeway must hold a unique trial, where Q must defend the Continuum.
Now of course, ALL the recent Treks have had Q, but John DeLancie is so good the shows are nearly always a delight. This is one of Voyager's best hours so far. Kate Mulgrew is an old friend of DeLancie's, and the relationship between Q and Janeway looks promising (as opposed to the total lack of fizz in the Sisko/Q episode). However, you'd think Q could get them home so easily, Janeway might be a bit nicer to him. Riker makes an appearance, we see Janeway's nice nighties and Q gets all the best jokes - again! 8/10.

2.19 Lifesigns

In order to save a dying Viidian female, the Doctor places her phage-ridden body in statis and transfers her mind into another hologram who he quite unexpectantly starts to fall in love with.
The doctor in love is a less than thrilling prospect and unfortunately one that they return to frequently over the years. The guest star is quite good but another hologram v real person story. Hmm.. 6/10.

2.20 Investigations

As Neelix starts to hear rumours of a traitor on Voyager, Paris decides to leave the ship and join a Taalaxian convoy. Soon after the convey is attacked by the Kazon and the ever scheming Seska attempts to coerce information out of Paris.
Sneering Seska returns and an ongoing plot about ANOTHER traitor on Voyager is uncovered. Poor Chakotay is ignored again. 6/10.

2.21 Deadlock

On the run from the Viidians, Voyager seeks refuge in a plasma cloud, when a sudden accident caused severe damage to the ship and as the crew discovers creates a duplicate Voyager.
Duplicate ships? Sounds familiar. However, this is done quite well, as we see those nasty Vidiians back again. Mulgrew gets to act with herself a lot, and seeing the doctor delivering Ensign Wildman's baby adds a few comic moments. 7/10.

2.22 Innocence

After Tuvok 's shuttle crash-lands in a sacred haven of the Drayan, an alien race which has refused outside contact for decades, he finds three frightened Drayan children that have been abandoned by their people to die on the planet.
I generally hate children episodes, particularly ones with characters who don't like children but come to build up a relationship. However, the twist in this episode is a really surprising one. Still too much of Tuvok and the brats though. 6/10.

2.23 The Thaw

Voyager finds a group of aliens preserved in cryogenic suspension, but when the crew try to wake them they find the computer does not want to let them go.
Very 'Move Along Home'(DS9), but creepier and more sinister. The computer generated world is a frightening one, and this was a good Janeway episode as she shows that computer devil who is boss. Michael McKean as the black and white faced clown was really creepy and the ending very dark. 7/10.

2.24 Tuvix

Due to a freak transporter accident, Tuvok and Neelix become combined into a single alien entity which combines traits from both of them.
Kind of like Faces but in reverse. The new Tuvix character is quite likeable, and Janeway gets to be strong and decisive two episodes in a row. 6/10.

2.25 Resolutions

Chakotay and Janeway become much better aquainted after they are quarantined on an uninhabited planet.
The sexual tension between these two will probably go the way of Crusher/Picard and never come to anything, but this was a super episode by Jeri Taylor that built the relationship up beautifully and believably. Tuvok would be HORRIBLE as Captain, and it was a bit surprising to see Harry getting SO worked up about Janeway's loss. The final scene with Janeway and Chakotay on the bridge sticking strictly to business was bitter-sweet. Good performances from Mulgrew and Beltran. 8/10.

2.26 Basics, Part I

The Kazon put a daring plan into motion and seize the Voyager, leaving all but two of the crew stranded on a desert planet. Part one of two.
Very exciting cliffhanger with another bad choice by the Voyager crew. Seska returns with an obvious trap for Chakotay. The ending was an effective claffhanger as the crew watch Voyager fly off without them... 7/10.

3.01 Basics, Part II

The stranded crew try to survive on the planet as the Doctor and Tom try to defeat the Kazon and Seska who have taken over Voyager.
The series is much more confident and assured going into its third season, but this opener while ok, was not that thrilling. 6/10

3.02 Flashback

Tuvok has visions back to his days when he served on a starship under the famous Captain Sulu.
Nice to see George Takai and Grace Lee Whitney as Sulu and Rand from the original series pop up as part of the 30 year anniversary of Star Trek. The episode written by Brannon Braga was enjoyable enough. 7/10

3.03 The Chute

Kim and Paris are falsely accused of committing acts of terrorism and are both incarcerated in a horrific alien prison. Ho hum episode that I can barely remember. Tries to be hard hitting but fails. 5/10.

3.04 The Swarm

Voyager enocounters a swarm of ships. Can't remember a single thing about the plo of this one but I do remember not being that impressed. 5/10.

3.05 False Profits

The Voyager crew encounter the two Ferengi that were lost in the Delta Quadrant when the Barzan Wormhole turned out to be unstable.
Guess they had some Ferengi costumes/ makeup hanging around after the end of DS9 as the Delta quadrant 'all new aliens' idea is tossed! I never cared for the Ferengi and this episode was pretty dull. 5/10.

3.06 Remember

An old woman uses her telepathic powers to transfer her memories into B'Elanna before she dies as a warning to the younger generation not to make the mistakes they did.
A strong B'Elanna episode with plenty of parallels to genocide and war crimes. Typical issues type Trek episode but pretty well done. 7/10.

3.07 Sacred Ground

Janeway must go through a strange ritual to save Kes. Why bother? She's off at the end of the season! Robert Duncan MacNeill directs for the first time. 5/10

3.08 Future's End, Part I

After being attacked by a ship from the future, the Voyager crew find themselves on 20th Century Earth. Part one of two.
With guest stars Sarah Silverman and Ed Begley Jr, this 2 parter was very enjoyable, although the old time travel to the past thing has been done before and there is more than a whiff of Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home about it! 8/10.

3.09 Future's End, Part II

The crew must prevent a leading 20th Century industrialist from destroying the future. Part two of two. 8/10

3.10 Warlord

Kes is taken over by an ancient warrior who attempts to seize control of the ship.
Jennifer Lien gets to have a bit of fun but lets face it, she is no badass! However it is something a bit different for her at least. 6/10.

3.11 The Q and the Grey

The Q Continuum have been thrown into civil war following the death of Quinn. Q tries to persuade Janeway to have a child with his while taking to an enactment of the war in the continuum as a version of the American civil war. Meanwhile a female Q bothers the Voyager crew.
Q is always fun and long time Klingon Suzie Plakson is entertaining too. 7/10.

3.12 Macrocosm

This one involves space bugs taking over the ship. Janeway must outwit them. Bit of a yawn. 6/10.

3.13 Fair Trade

Neelix and a pal get into trouble. About as much fun as it sounds... 5/10

3.14 Alter Ego

Unmemorable episode that combines Harry Kim, the holodeck and a pretty girl. Y-A-W-N!!! Robert Picardo directs. 4/10

3.15 Coda

That old Trek trope, tbe time loop episode. Actually, I often quite enjoy a nice time loop episode. This time it is Janeway stuck in one that has her dying over and over. Can't remember how it turned out but it was pretty enjoyable as these ones go. 7/10'

3.16 Blood Fever

Ensign Vorik and the Pon Farr. While I like a time loop (see above), Vulcans are not high on my favourites list. Vorik is ok as a character and to see him intereact with B'Elanna was sort of fun but to be honest as she takes on the aggressive pon farr-ish behaviour. Not terrible but a bit DULL! Borg get their first mention in a while setting up the season finale at the end of this episode. 6/10.

3.17 Unity

The Borg are back! Kind of! Robert Duncan MacNeill steps behind the camera again as we get Chakotay finding a colony of former drones while Voyger discover the damaged cube. After linking Chakotay to their hive mind to help him heal, the group compel him to activate the cube for them.
This was a good episode, and a much needed boost in quality. The Borg are always intriguing protagonists, and this group were a slightly different way to look at them. Chakotay's link would be untilized in Scorpion II. 8/10

3.18 Darkling

The Doc turns nasty after trying to expland his program. Kes falls in love. An unremarkable episode. 5/10.

3.19 Rise

Everyone gets stuck in a big lift, sort of.. Only a tad more entertaining than being stuck in a lift for 42mins. 4/10.

3.20 Favorite Son

Harry Kim is stuck on some wierd planet. I'm losing the will to live writing this recap! How did I carry on watching this show with so many super dull episodes! 4/10

3.21 Before and After

This is more like it! Kes is an old, old lady with no memories and travels backwards in time experiencing her life backwards! Yes, Voyager does Benjamin Button! This is also a prequel to 'Year of Hell' one of the best episodes in the upcoming 4th season. Checking air dates, this episode came about 6 months before so well done Voyager writers for some forward planning. Kennth Biller did a good job on this one. 8./10

3.22 Real Life

The doctor tries out a real life on the holodeck but B'Elanna tinkers with his program to make his family more realistic. However, what happens when his 'daughter' is ill?' A very tired old trope but Robert Picardo is always watchable. 6/10.

3.23 Distant Origin

Reading good things about this one on IMDb and Wikipedia but can't say it rings too many bells for me. 6/10

3.24 Displaced

Crew members are being replaced one by one. Can't really remember it though. 5/10

3.25 Worst Case Scenario

A computer simulation of an attempted mutiny becomes popular as a relaxation for the crew. However, guess what, a holodeck story features things not running smoothly. Pretty good fun but nothing earth shattering. 6/10.

3.26 Scorpion (I)

Best Trek teaser EVER - despite lasting anout 5 seconds! Voyager meet the Borg and an even worse enemy. They are forced into an alliance with the Borg after encountering a race even more destructive. Kes' mental abilities are becoming more prominent. Good cliffhanger to a very uneven season. Some good episodes but quitea few unbearable dull ones. Thank goodness Seven on Nice is coming! 7/10

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