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Lucy and Renee Update
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11th June 2003

Both Lucy and Renee are back before the cameras soon. Lucy Lawless has been filming her series for the Discovery Channel about Warrior Women, before heading to Europe to film The Ugly Americans.

Now it's Renee's turn to get a job! Sharon Delaney from Creation had this update...

Renee will begin filming an independent feature-length film called "Diamonds and Guns" early this summer. It will be shot in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Directed by Chris Dollard, with a script by Dawn Higginbotham (from a story by Dawn and Helena Beaven who are producing their first full-length film), it is a comedy about two friends -- from America and New Zealand -- who go to Las Vegas to find true love. It is being shot digitally with an eye toward film festivals and future distribution.

Renee said, "I chose this script out of all the ones I've been looking at because it was one of the funniest I'd read. It has an energy on the page which I hope translates to the screen and the audience. It came to me by way of Aaron Morton who did the lighting on "Dangerous Prey," the Xena episode I directed. Aaron did the lighting on a movie called "Nemesis Game" and introduced me to the guys who wrote, produced and directed that movie. They in turn introduced me to Helena. It all began with Xena."

Now, when are they starting work on that XENA movie????!!

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