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21st March 2003 - DVD News
Much discussion over the Anchor Bay DVDs of late has been about whether these are all new DVD releases or just the Davis-Panzer ones released last year, repackaged. What people want to know is whether there will be extras, whether we might get widescreen releases and whether they are remastered for picture or sound. Anyway, this from Sharon Delaney at Creation...

No matter what store or who you buy the Xena season one DVDs from, you're buying from Panzer Davis. They have the exclusive license from Universal to issue the DVDs and they are selling them on their web site without the extras. They gave a sub-license to Anchor Bay because AB has a wider distribution market. Anchor Bay decided to add some extras to their version --5 director commentaries. AB is also saying that now the extra DVD will contain commentaries from a cinematographer, produciton designer and a special-effects supervisor. Best Buy is getting them from Anchor Bay. Media Play, Sam Goody, Suncoast and Future Shop are all part of the Best Buy family so they have the extras as well. Creation is also selling them. We ordered through Anchor Bay, but AB is giving the extras DVD only to Best Buy and their family of stores. We didn't know that when we ordered them and AB didn't tell us. Until we actually get them in house, we're still not sure what's going to be on them, but I don't think ours will have the extras DVD.

Panzer Davis uses a telemarketing service and the people calling you rarely know the ins and outs of what they're selling. They're just told to make the sale. FYI, Creation does not do telemarketing.

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