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Splash screen from the hi- res iSilo version
Got a Palm Organiser? Love Xena? (Of course you do, you're here aren't you...) Well now there is no need to ever be bored in staff meetings, puzzled on trains or stumped in trivia quizzes. Gerard has made several versions of my XENA Episode Guide for viewing on Palm handheld computers. These will run on any Palm organizer or "Palm- Powered" device such as the Sony Clie range.

Note that you will need extra software to use these files - a Palm DOC reader, database programme or iSilo reader.
For information on installing and using these file formats, see www.memoware.com

Please send any queries or comments on the Palm Episode Guide directly to Gerard, via caber@eircom.net Content is the same in all cases - the iSilo versions have additional pictures and formatted text. Look pretty cool or what!

Each file also contains its own Introduction/ReadMe section.

The Palm versions available are: