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UK Xenafest April 2004 Quiz
How many can YOU answer??

Round One - Season Three

1. Which Xena look-alikes appeared during Season 3? (Meg and Leah, NOT Diana)

2. Apart from Xena and Gabrielle, name the other 4 members of the Dirty Half Dozen (Glaphyra, Darnell, Walsim, Monlik)

3. Which of Xena’s personal demons was the last to explode in The Bitter Suite? (Ming Tien)

4. Which army did Xena defeat in One Against an Army? (Persians)

5. In which S3 ep did we see Xena smoke a pipe? (Debt 1)

6. Who did Gabrielle kill to lose her blood innocence? (Meridian)

7. In The Bitter Suite, which line follows, “nothing more need be said..” (ding dong, the bitch is dead)

8. Which 3 Romans made up the triumvirate? (Caesar, Pompey and Crassus)

9. In which episode do we discover how Gabrielle got to Chin before Xena? (Forget Me Not)

10. In which 2 episodes did Gabrielle have ankle trouble? (One Against an Army and King Con)

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