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Meet the Staff

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Mrs Aston
Mrs Aston is the Headteacher. She has taught at Good Shepherd School full time since September 1987 and became Deputy Head in 2001. She was appointed as Head Teacher in December 2008.

Mrs Beck
Mrs Beck is the Deputy Head and also teaches throughout the school. Mrs Beck has been at Good Shepherd since January 1994 and became deputy head in January 2009.

Miss O'Grady
Miss O'Grady teaches in year 6 and is the Key Stage 2 Phase Leader. She is the ICT and Science coordinator and has been at Good Shepherd since 1989.

Miss Bentley
Miss Bentley joined the staff in Autumn 2005 and teaches year 5. She is the Maths and PE coordinator

Mrs Richardson
Mr Richardson teaches year 4. She is also the History and Geography coordinator. Mrs Richardson has been at Good Shepherd since September 1997.

Mrs M Green
Mrs M Green teaches in year 3. She is the RE coordinator and has been at Good Shepherd full time since 1991.

Miss Coley
Miss Coley is the Special Needs coordinator and has been at Good Shepherd since September 1994. She teaches in year 2.

Mrs Ashby
Mrs Ashby teaches Year 1. She had been at Good Shepherd for some years as a specialist teaching assistant, but started teaching in Key Stage 1 in September 2006

Mrs J Green
Mrs J Green teaches the reception class. She came to Good Shepherd in September 2001. She is the Literacy coordinator and the Key Stage 1 Phase Leader.

Miss Barber
Miss Barber joined the staff in September 2008 and teaches in the nursery.

Mrs Brosnan
Mrs Brosnan taught at Good Shepherd for many years and now works part time throughout the school

Support Staff

Mrs Towey
Mrs Towey works in year 6 and runs the library

Mrs Vince
Mrs Vince works in year 5, and she also organises the school netball team. She has been at Good Shepherd since 1992

Mrs Dunn
Mrs Dunn joined the staff in 2006 and works in year 4

Miss Madden
Miss Madden joined the staff in 2007 and works in year 3. She also runs the cross country team.

Mrs Perry
Mrs Perry works with year 2, and also helps organize the netball team.

Mrs Chapman
Mrs Chapman works with year 1.

Mrs Constance
Mrs Constance works in the foundation key stage.

Mrs Whitehead
Mrs Whitehead works in Good Shepherd Nursery.

Administration Staff

Mrs Zizi
Mrs Zizi works in the school office. She has been at Good Shepherd for about 11 years.

Miss Morrell
Miss Morrell works in the school office. She started work at Good Shepherd in 2007

Mrs Evans
Mrs Evans is the school site officer. She is a former pupil of Good Shepherd school.

Mrs McNally RIP
Mrs McNally taught at Good Shepherd school for three years, but died very suddenly in March 2006. Deeply missed by all her friends at Good Shepherd.

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