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Xenaville Plays Catch Up!!
All the stuff that's been happening ...that I've missed!

2nd September 2003

Yes, I'm WAAAAAAAY behind with my XENA news updates, and this has been a pretty busy time in the Xenaverse to, so naughty naughty me! Anyway, here's a quick catch up for those of you who have been even more out of the loop than me.

Renee O'Connor's UK Con appearance.
Well, wasn't I the dummy for missing this. Why oh why did Creation not advertise that Renee was going to do a Q&A with the audience right away? Apparently is was fabulous! Renee leapt off the stage and wondered around the room answering questions, letting people take photos and running way over her measley 30 minutes scheduled time. There are photos and con reports - MaryDs is the best place to go as she's collected them all together.
Click here to see

Lucy's Online chat on the USA Today site
This was on Tuesday - and yes, I missed it! Not that much revealing, and I thought there might be a few non-XENA questions, but it looks like the Xena fans got in there pretty much en masse! You can read a transcript at MaryDs

DVD News
The Season 2 release with 3 episode commentaries looks definitely worth getting (mine are in the post). According to reports, Anchor Bay have no plans at present to re-release season 1 with the episode commentaries that WERE recorded, but I guess that may change if sales are good. According to Sharon Delaney, the special DVD release from Best Buy will continue. They had an disc of interviews with directors and crew with their S1 release, and there will be something extra for the S2 release, but there is no definite release date or schedule yet.

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