Xena on Channel 5 - Series One

Xena:Warrior Princess started with much hype on Channel 5 on July 12th 1997. It was consistently in the channel's top ten for much of the series. Reruns have been a various days and times and are given if in the top ten forn the channel.
Here are the figures as reported on teletext or reported in Radio Times;

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w/e July12 Sins of the Past number 1 1.06million
w/e July20 Chariots of War number 8 0.81million
w/e July27 Dreamworker number 9 0.77million
w/e July27 Path Not Taken not available not available
w/e August3 The Reckoning number 3 0.89million 0.97mill (28/12/97)
w/e August10 Cradle of Hope number 2 0.89million
w/e August17 The Titans number 4 0.84million
w/e August24 Prometheus number 1 1.25million
w/e August31 Death in Chains number 10 0.84million 0.99 mill (25/1/98)
w/e September7 The Black Wolf number 7 1.01million 0.99 mill (13/6/98)
w/e Sept14 Hooves & Harlots number 8 0.87million
w/e Sept 21 Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts not ranked less than 0.79mill
w/e Sept 28 Athens City Academy number 8 0.86million
w/e Oct 5 A Fistful of Dinars not ranked less than 0.79mill 1.12 mill (27/6/98)
w/e Oct 12 Warrior...Princess number 8 0.84million
w/e Oct 19 Mortal Beloved number 10 0.96million
w/e Oct 26 Royal Couple of Thieves not ranked less than 0.79mill
w/e Nov 2 The Prodigal number 10 0.77million
w/e Nov 9 Altared States number 5 1.06million
w/e Nov 23 Ties That Bind Not ranked 0.83mill(8/8/98)
w/e Nov 30 The Greater Good number 7 1.05million 1.19mill(15/8/98)
w/e Dec 7 Callisto number 5 1.09million
w/e Dec 14 Death Mask number 10 0.96million
w/e Dec 21 Is There A Doctor in the House? not ranked less than 0.80million 1.16 million (6/2/99)

The Path Not Taken was shown on the same night as Dreamworker as a late replacement for another programme and didn't make the top ten, hence no figures.
The programme was on at 6.55pm initially. From The Black Wolf onwards, the series was on at the later time of 8.05pm.
Re runs have been on at various times and days, although the recent showings, from Prometheus onwards have been on Saturdays at 6.55pm again.
The actual position depends on where I got my information. Some organizations count every episode of a soap opera, others lump soap episodes together and average them. Ratings are OK though.

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