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There are lots of Xena pages out there, so here are some of my recommendations for happy web surfing.
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UK XWP Sites

Yes, there are quite a few of us!

Best of the Web

There are so many XWP sites out there, here are a few of my favourites and a few of my favourites

Alexandra (Aphrodite)Tydings new web site is really nice. Tubular in fact!

Claire (Alti) Stansfield's web site is also excellent.

Josh Becker's Website is facinating especially for the Ask the Director section where the sometime Xena and Hercules director and pal of Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi answers fans questions.

MaryD's Australian XWP site
is the best current XWP site- regular updates and first with the news.

Tom's Xena page
is one of the best fan page around. Links to EVERYTHING!Now gone into semi-retirement

has lots of resources and they are fast to post the latest stuff.

eMerchandise - US site but with 30% 0ff Xena and Herc stuff right now

The Ultimate Xena Cookbook
is a new and very tasty site! Check out those receipes.

Xena Online Resources
has LOADS of links and is huge!

is an online magazine type page which has excellent original articles and interviews

Aida's XWP page is very comprehensive- and I even got one of the awards

Vicki's Tribute to Kevin Sorbo/Hercules
is an excellent site with lots of great stuff

The Lucy Lawless FAQ site is pretty comprehensive

The A Day in the Life Site has a great image archive

Renee O'Connor's Official Fan Page is still around although the fan club is now defunct

The Official MCA TV site. Nice graphics little info though, and a link to the Netforum

Shadowfen has taken over the most up to date Fan Fiction index

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