I know it isn't Xmas, but cute picture or what!!

To celebrate Xmas 1998, I created this Xenaverse Quiz..

I am sorry I have not figured how to make this an instant button pushing one, but while this quiz is low-tech, the questions aren't! This is based on a quiz I devised for a Xena Fest recently. There are 5 rounds, of 10 questions each. Go through each round and remember your answers, then click to see how you got on. Add up your total scores to see what your Xena IQ is. Good Luck.

Round One- All About Series One
Round Two- All About Series Two
Round Three- All About Series Three
Round Four- Name the Disclaimer
Round Five- Toughies

All about Series One

1. Which episode saw Gabrielle hit Xena with a pitchfork?

2. Gabrielle's sister Lila appeared twice- name the episodes.

3. Name the three Titans released by Gabrielle.

4. Which episode featured Xena in a black swimming costume?

5. Who passed her right of caste on to Gabrielle?

6. Name the episode that features Helen of Troy.

7. What did Princess Diana call Xena's chakram?

8. What had to be used to free Prometheus?

9. What name did Autolycus give to Xena when she posed as his assisstant in Royal Couple of Thieves ?

10. In which episode did we see Gabrielle disguised as Xena ?

Easy??? OK,you better check out the Answers- and no cheating now!

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