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UK Xenafest December 2004 Quiz
How many can YOU answer??

Round One - Xena Ones

1. Where is Gabrielle from? (Poteidaia)

2. Name the very last Xena episode (A Friend in Need 2)

3. How many children does Lucy Lawless have? (3)

4. In which eps did Gabrielle get married?(Return of Callisto, Blind Faith, Married With Fishsticks)

5. In which episode did Xena get married? (Return of the Valkyrie)

6. In which episode did Xena and Gabrielle come to Britain?(The Deliverer)

7. In which episode did Gabrielle become an Amazon princess?(Hooves & Harlots)

8. Apart from Xena and Gabrielle, who died in Ides of March?(Julius Caesar)

9. Who first called Xena her warrior princess?(Lao Ma)

10. Who got Xena pregnant? (Callisto)

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