How long would YOU last in the Xenaverse?

A fun quiz to test your bardliness or warrior skills

This is like one of those-' Your perfect partner,' quizzes in Cosmopolitan, but without the questions on sex! Please read through the whole quiz, and decide which 10 answers you would go for, then have a look at the score page to find out if you too, could travel with Xena and Gabrielle. Or are you are more of a Lila, a Joxer or a Perdicus. Enjoy.

Q1. You are walking along a quiet path when you hear a horse approaching fast from behind. Do you:
a) Hide in the bushes and watch
b) set a trip wire up
c) Wait and see if it is someone in need
d) Run away

Q2. You can't get a seat in a crowded inn. Do you:
a) Wait for the next free table
b) Go to another inn
c) Bash a few heads
d) Offer to tell a few stories

Q3. Your best friend has died. Do you:
a) Go straight home
b) find some ambrosia
c) Get angry and hunt their killers
d) Accept it and move on

Q4. You are looking for transport. Would you choose:
a) The small friendly looking pony
b) The wild but probably fast stallion
c) A nice walk
d) The Palamino

Q5. You have a really bad head wound. Would you
a) Ignore it
b) Look for a good healer
c) Go to bed for a few days
d) Cry

Q6. You are walking through some woods when strange people in masks descend from the trees and wave swords at you. Do you:
a) Run
b) Fight
c) Hold your halds above your head
d) Lie face down on the floor

Q7. Your favourite game is:
a) rock, parchment, dagger
b) chess
c) twenty questions
d) knife throwing

Q8. You are awoken suddenly one morning by a Centaur with a sword at your throat. Do you:
a) Go back to sleep
b) Panic
c) Roll away and kill the freak!
d) Ask what he wants

Q9. Your weapon of choice is:
a) a crossbow
b) a staff
c) a sword
d) you don't like weapons

Q10. You are in a fight with a clearly superior opponent. Do you:
a) die bravely
b) cheat
c) surrender and throw yourself on his mercy
d) run

Ok, so remember those a,b,c and d's and go to the Answers to work out your score.
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