Xenaversity Challenge

Welcome to this end of the Millennium quiz that this year even has a prize!!! Yes, no expense has been spared, and the lucky winner of this years's quiz will get a beautiful, exclusive, only-available-in-the-shops official S5 Gabrielle photo.(left). So I am even having rules this year.

Rule 1: No cheating!
Rule 2: Only one entry per person please.
Rule 3: If you want to be eligible for the super-duper prize I'll need your email address. If you win I will contact you for your snail mail address
Rule 4: The judges decision is final - so don't bother whinging!
Rule 5: Closing date for entries is December 31st 1999...well whoever has entered by the time I check my email on Jan 1st 2000, assuming no millennium bug strikes.

Just like Jeremy Paxman, I don't want any time wasting or dawdling please. Alright, to gain entry to the quiz you'll need to get this starter for 10....

Which of these episodes has Joxer NOT appeared in?
a. A Comedy of Eros
b. The Bitter Suite
c. King of Assasins
d. The Debt
e. Callisto

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