Fran's Cherry Hill Con pictures and report.

Fran's Con report can be found on my Series 5 News Page, however, she sent me her Con photos this week and the breakfast with the stars certainly sounded fun! I've inserted thumbnails of the photos in this extract from Fran's report. All the thumbnails are at the bottom of the page. All photos are 20kb or less.

Breakfast with the Stars!

   We stood in line for entrance into the Ballroom with anticipation. I wondered, how would they do this?? Well, they let us in and we went to one of the tables that were all round, and I immediately noticed that some in the corner front had RESERVED on them, so we grabbed a table close by. But I was soon to see that was unnecessary.
    The first to arrive at the buffet table -- which was very well-appointed, from fruit to sausage to biscuits -- was Robert Trebor. He was not staying for the con, but agreed to have breakfast with fans for this charity event. Robert and Bruce Campbell occasionally threw a zinger joke accross the room at each other, but very good-natured, and you could tell they are very good friends for real.
    Our table lucked out when Bruce came in and said loudly, "Now, where is there an empty seat?" Of course, we all pointed and screamed, "Over here!" Bruce sat with us as we ate breakfast, and we all chatted as if he knew us for years. The Long Islanders at the table answered his questions about "that Joey Buttafuoco thing." Then he asked us to go around the table and tell him our name and what are jobs were.
    At this point, applause hit the room as Jacqueline Kim arrived. Bruce told us "a lot of actors are scared to death" to do something such as this -- sit and chat with fans at breakfast, but he personally loves it, because he is isolated from fans and needs their feedback, and cons are one of the only ways to get such direct feedback. When he finished eating, he started table-hopping.
    After he left, I went over to where JK was and posed for a few pics. She admired my "The Debt" T-shirt, saying, "Oh, you have one too." Then I thought my camera wasn't working, and she said, "I think the eye is better for memory than the camera anyway." She smiled at me and I thanked her for her patience.
    In a little while, Claire Stansfield stopped by to chat. She feeds off the fans and is quite comfortable. We talked about her asthma, her vacationing when she left in Cape Cod and the fact she has a personal trainer she shares with a couple of friends because of cost. She said she lost weight on a lo-/no-carb diet. She was very accomodating for mucho pics. She is extremely tall for this small reporter to stand next to. I already was becoming a fan, but her friendliness and sense of humor cinched it!
    That about did it for the breakfast -- all but a quick pic with Robert Trebor before he packed it in. JK was not long at the breakfast and didn't eat with us as the others did.But it was definitely the BEST FUN FOR THE MONEY AND THE ENTIRE WEEKEND and something as a fan, I will always to remember!


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The guests onstage at the Cherry Hill Con.

Breakfast with Bruce Campbell, Claire Stansfield and Jaqueline Kim.

Fran with Robert Trebor, Claire Stanfield and Jaqueline Kim.

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