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Name: Polly Baigent


Polly Baigent has worked on the show almost from the beginning as one of Lucy Lawless' stand-ins. She appeared in The Play's the Thing in a speaking role for the first time, cast as Xena in Gabrielle's play. Polly was also credited in Dreamworker as "Doppleganger", and was one of Lucy's doubles in Warrior, Priestess, Tramp. She returned as herself in the S6 episode Send in the Clones, but continued as one of Lucy's stand ins throughout the show.

Polly appeared in a NZ Short film, "Sci Fi Betty" (2000) along with other XENA regulars, Darien Takle and Meighan Desmond. She is also a "cast double" in 'Lord of the Rings.' Guess she must be great at standing still and not moaning.


The Plays The Thing
Send in the Clones

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