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Name: Norman Forsey


Norman Forsey appeared as King Lias in two XENA episodes, Warrior..Princess and Warrior..Princess..Tramp. Norman has also appeared on Hercules as a Blind Seer in two episodes. He was in S3`s Been There, Done That as Casca, the deaf old man who gets run over by a cart. He is also in S6`s Old Ares Had a Farm.He has also worked as a wardrobe assistant in films such as Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence(1983).

Norman`s acting credits include:"Greenstone" (1999) TV Series .... Captain Barnes
Aberration (1997) .... Mr. Peterson
Chunuk Bair (1992) .... Hamilton
Brotherhood of the Rose (1989) (TV)
Starlight Hotel (1987) .... Farmer
Strata (1983) .... Dr. Hunter
Scarecrow, The (1982) .... Mr. Lynch
from Internet Movie Database


Been There, Done That
Old Ares Had a Farm

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