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Been There Done That

Director: Andrew Merrifield
Writer: Hilary J Bader

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Ted Raimi (Joxer)
Norman Forsey (Casca)

A cross between`Groundhog Day` and Shakespeare`s Romeo and Juliet, this is an episode involving a time loop and lead characters dying. Repeatedly! Xena is in the Bill Murray role and even gets to kill Joxer! The day begins each time with a rooster crowing (see the the disclaimer below), and Xena and Gabrielle waking up in a barn as Joxer brings them goose eggs. Of course each day has its differences, but ends in disaster as all out war between two families results. Xena finally realises she has to bring peace to the two houses. Very Romeo and Juliet. A lighter episode, and a very funny one indeed. All sorts of in jokes and I especially liked Joxer in this one.

Listen out for Xena`s comment to Gabrielle about how Joxer loves her. "He`d crawl 50 miles over broken glass just to sweat in your shadow" she says. This is a variation on something Lucy said in an interview back in the early days of the show. It was in an interview for The Advocate magazine in 1996. It was talking about producer Liz Friedman being gay. "Liz Friedman is gay ?" cries Xena star Lawless. The glamorous six-foot-tall New Zealander, so unshockable as Xena, lapses into stunned silence. Finally - after a nerve-racking pause - Lawless hoots with laughter: "If I`d only known! She`s the first woman I`ve worshiped! I`d crawl 40 miles through broken glass just to wank off in her shadow!"

Disclaimer : -
The rooster was not harmed during the production of this motion picture although his feathers were severely ruffled. However a little gel and mousse straightened out the mess.

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