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Name: Scott Garrison
Place of Birth: San Antonio, USA
Date of Birth: 16th May, 1964


Scott Garrison played one of the least liked characters, Gabrielle`s fiance and then husband for a night, Perdicas. Perdicas appeared in the opening episode Sins of the Past but was played by Anton Bentley. The more handsome Scott Garrison took over for Beware Greeks and his swansong, Return of Callisto.

He studied music at North Texas State University, he formed a band and they moved to L.A. subsequently the band broke up and Scott went on to study acting at the Loft's Studio's with Bill Traylor, and later studied with Vincent Chase and Joanne Baron, D.W. Brown Studio's.

Scott's first big break was with 'Married with Children', he then landed his first leading role on a Fox series called 'Tribes', he played Matt Kubiack the loner musician. After 90 odd episodes he moved to Florida to do the 'Swamp Thing' series for two years as the character Will Kipp where he met and became friends with writer Steve Sears. After concluding the Series he moved to Telluride Colorado, then on to Australia with his wife. Steve contacted Scott while he was down-under to play the role of Perdicas in New Zealand.

Scott talks fondly of his time working with the cast and crew of Xena and regards them as "one of the most fun and professional cast and crews I've worked with".

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