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Return of Callisto

Director: TJ Scott
Writer: R.J. Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Ted Raimi (Joxer)
Hudson Leick (Callisto)
David Te Rare (Theodorus)
Scott Garrison (Perdicus)

Perdicas(Scott Garrison), Gabrielle`s ex-fiance returns into Gabby`s life and after revealing his poor tortured soul they marry. However, the honeymoon is a brief one. Callisto escapes from prison and later seeks her revenge on Xena through Gabrielle. We see another side to Gabrielle as she intends to take up the sword and vows to kill Callisto. Meanwhile, Xena shows her concern for her friend and pursues Callisto in a dramatic chariot chase finale.

Notes: Look out for a couple of bloopers in the scene where Xena is held prisoner by Callisto in that gothic looking chair. Lucy shakes her shakled wrists and is obviously stronger than she thinks as one hand comes free. Xena does not take advantage however! A few minutes later, Xena escapes and swings away, kicking a baddie in the chest. We get a view of a pair of booted feet swinging towards the bad guy, but when they hit, the clearly empty boots bend right back!

There was some discussion about whether to have Xena save Callisto or leave her to sink into the quicksand at the end of this episode. Read this interview with TJ Scott for more on this.

Disclaimer :-
Although Xena finally conquered her dark nemesis Callisto, it took her weeks to get the sand out of her leather unmentionables.

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