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Name: Charlie Haskell


Director Charlie Haskell has worked on S2's The Xena Scrolls and S3's Forget Me Not and recently S6's Send In The Clones. He is a New Zealander and worked as second assistant director on the first two Hercules TV movies as well as the huge hit movie, The Piano. He also worked on Funny Business, the comedy sketch show Lucy Lawless appeared on. Charlie has also directed episodes of Hercules, Young Hercules and Jack of All Trades.

The most interesting story about him comes from the Official Guide to the Xenaverse by Robert Weisbrot. Lucy Lawless tells of her run-in with him on the set of The Xena Scrolls as she felt he was not treating her as the star but just Lucy, who he'd known for years.

Charlie has directed episodes of the NZ produced children's show, Maddigan's Quest since ending his work on Xena, plus the IMDB lists a load of Power Rangers stuff too! Glad to know he is still getting plenty of work!


The Xena Scrolls
Forget Me Not
Send In The Clones

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