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The Xena Scrolls

Director: Charlie Haskell
Writer: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster

Lucy Lawless (Melinda Pappas/Xena)
Renee O'Connor(Janice Covington/Gabrielle)

Guest Stars:
Ted Raimi (Jaques S'Er/Joxer)
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Mark Ferguson (John Smythe)
Rob Tapert (himself)

This Indiana Jones spoof finds Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer`s descendants in the 1940`s digging up the tomb of Ares, releasing him and Xena as they fight it out. Lucy once again displays her talent for accents, as her descendant, Mel (from South Carolina), and Renee O`Connor is Janice Covington, an archaeologist. Great fun. This is basically a clip show as the scrolls tell about this woman warrior, but once again, a very imaginative clip show. Executive producer, and husband of Lucy Lawless, Robert Tapert gets to play himself here.

When first released, the caption at the start read 1942. This was later changed when it was realised that Macedonia was occupied by the Germans in 1942. The original script read "Macedonia 1940", and this is what is was changed to.

Robert Sydney Melette was reponsible for some fictional Xena Scrolls in the original MCA Xena web site.

A fascinating comment from Lucy Lawless about this episode appeared in the Official Guide to the Xenaverse by Robery Weisbrot. Lucy tells how she got into a huge rage on this episode as she realised the director was not treating her as the star enough. Her point was that a star needs to be the focus of a scene in terms of camera coverage. Lucy felt that director Charlie Haskell was treating her as one of the supporting actors and giving her hardly any close ups.

Disclaimer :-
No Hollywood producers were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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