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Name: Michael Hurst
Birth Place: Lancashire, England
Marital Status: Married


Michael Hurst was born in England, but moved with his family from Lancashire to New Zealand when he was 8. Michael has been active in the NZ acting business for many years, directing, acting and choreographing.

He is married to the very tall Jennifer Ward-Lealand, and they have 2 children. Michael is about 5' 7", Jennifer is at least 6 feet tall! She is best known for playing Boadiccea in The Deliverer.

Michael first worked for Renaissance Pictures on the Hercules TV movies, both as Iolaus, and in a number of other bit parts. When Hercules:The Legendary Journeys was commissioned, Iolaus was not a regular character, appearing in only about half of the episodes.

Michael has directed episodes of Hercules and Xena, and was very funny as the Widow Twanky in a number of comedy episodes of Hercules. He is a highly respected theatre actor in New Zealand, and loves Shakespeare.

Michael has become one of the most popular directors on XENA, working on the show more since HERCULES wrapped. He has also appeared as a TV reporter in S6's You Are There.

Episodes as Director

A Day in the Life
A Tale of Two Muses
Antony and Cleopatra
Who's Gurkhan?
To Helicon and Back

Episodes as an Actor

Mortal Beloved
The Quest
You Are There

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