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Antony and Cleopatra

Director: Michael Hurst
Writer: Carl Ellsworth
Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Jon Bennett (Antony)
David Franklin (Brutus)
Mark Warren (Octavius)
Josephine Davidson (Cleopatra)
Paul Willis (advisor)
Mariama Smith (Shiana)

Xena and Gabrielle go to Egypt to help out after Cleopatra is murdered in her bath by a venomous asp. Mark Antony and Brutus both want to take control of Cleopatra's navy to win control of Rome. Also involved in Octavius, nephew of the late Julius Caesar.
Xena poses as Cleopatra and gets to know Antony - rather too well. She is at her seductive best as she tries to determine whether he is the killer of the queen. Meanwhile Gabrielle meets with Brutus, who is surprised to see her after her crucifixion. Gabrielle is also concerned about Xena's growing affection for the handsome Antony.They eventually set both Antony and Brutus up for a final confrontation that has deadly consequences...

Notes: Gina Torres who previously played Cleopatra in King of Assassins now stars in Cleopatra 2525 - but not as Cleo! She declined to return to the role for this episode. Paul Willis is memorable as the creepy Atyminius in S1's Mortal Beloved. He's still creepy looking! Brutus was last seen in S4's Ides of March

Natalie Merchant's "Carnival" is the rather groovy rock song that plays over a stylish, Tom Jones style food/love scene between Antony and Xena as Cleopatra.

DISCLAIMER: No rubberized snakes intent on destroying the Queen of Egypt were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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