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Name: Doug Lefler


Doug Lefler has been associated with Renaissance Pictures for some time, and directed the first ever Xena episode, Sins of the Past. He worked as a story board artist and second unit director on some of the Hercules tv movies, and directed Hercules and the Circle of Fire. Doug has also been storyboard artist on movies such as DOA (1988) with Dennis Quaid, Warlock(1989) and My Father The Hero (1994).

Doug worked on Sam Raimi`s 1998 movie 'A Simple Plan' as second unit director. He is working as storyboard artist for Sam Raimi on the forthcoming Spider-Man movie.

Doug then moved into directing and his credits include:
Dragonheart II (2000)
"Mortal Kombat: Conquest" (1998) TV Series (episode "Cold Reality")
"Spy Game" (1997) TV Series (episode "Nobody Ever Said Growing Up Was Easy")
"JAG" (1995) TV Series
"American Gothic" (1995) TV Series
"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995) TV Series
"Babylon 5" (1994) TV Series (episode "Day of the Dead (1998)")


Sins of the Past
A Family Affair


XENA MAGAZINE #13: Director Doug Lefler Speaks.

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