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Director: Doug Lefler
Writer: Chris Manheim

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Ted Raimi (Joxer)
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Tim Omundsen (Eli)
Jennifer Sky (Amarice)
Antonio Te Maioho (Kal)

With Xena and Gabrielle back among the living, things should be fine, but Xena has somehow forgotten her dark warrior past. Ares and local war god Kal and the broken chakram are all involved in this story, which sees a new outfit and weapons for Gabrielle and a new chakram for Xena!

Lucy Lawless' pregnancy is already noticable in this episode. Gabrielle gets her sais, and the new chakram is revealed, although the back story to exactly where Xena DID get the weapon is not explained.

DISCLAIMER: Xena`s dark and violent past was restored during the production of this motion picture.

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