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Name: Chris Manheim


Chris Manheim started out as an actress, but soon turned to writing. Her previous credits include "Murder She Wrote" and the sci-fi show "V"
Her first XENA script was the Xena-lite, The Prodigal. Chris also wrote S1's Altared States. By S2, Chris was a regular member of the writing team and also became one of the producers.

The episode Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis was dedicated to her brother who died of AIDS. For that episode she wrote the lyrics to the songs Salmoneus sings. Chris' title became story editor and producer now.

During the fifth season, there was a heavier burden on Manheim as head writer RJ Stewart was also working on Cleopatra 2525 and newer writers were brought in. Chris had an odd credit on her final XENA episode, Eve, "Current Revisions by Chris Manheim". Perhaps indicating the turmoil in the writing team. A completely new writing staff was brought in for the final season.

The recent Anchor Bay DVD sets have featured the always charming and articulate Chris quite extensively. Someone sign her up as a convention guest!

Read this interview with Chris Manheim from the XENA magazine


The Prodigal
Altared States
Remember Nothing
A Solstice Carol
Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis
The Quest
A Comedy of Eros
Maternal Instincts
The Bitter Suite
King Con
A Family Affair
Paradise Found
The Convert
Animal Attraction
Eternal Bonds

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