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Name: Sheeri Rappaport
Birth Place: Texas, USA


Sheeri Rappaport appeared in Adventures in the Sin Trade 1&2 as the young Amazon Otere. She has not returned to the show, presumably because she now has a regular role on NYPD Blue as Rick Schroeder's girlfriend. Sheeri has also appeared in the new crime series CSI.

This from her bio on The Internet Movie Database

"Rappaport lived with her parents Edna and Joseph in Dallas, Texas, until she was 9. She then moved to outside New York City to test her acting. She started acting classes at age 5 and got her first agent at age 6. She got a role on Nickelodeon`s "Clarissa Explains It All". She then moved to Los Angeles and landed several guest starring roles. This led to her new role on "NYPD Blue". She now lives with her mother in Los Angeles. Her divorced father lives in Las Vegas. Her brother, 27, is a medical student at Syracuse University in New York. She is dating actor Michael Giordano."


Adventures in the SinTrade 1
Adventures in the SinTrade 2

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