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Adventures in The Sin Trade II

Director: TJ Scott
Writer: R.J. Stewart

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Claire Stansfield (Alti)
Marton Csokas (Borias)
Vicki Pratt (Cyane)
Sheeri Rappaport (Otere)
Kate Elliott (Yakut)

story: Robert Tapert and RJ Stewart

Xena continues her quest to save Gabrielle, and meets a group of young Amazons, led by Otere(Sheeri Rappartport) whose tribe Xena wiped out singlehandedly many years before at the urging of the evil shameness Alti. Xena must defeat Alti to help them and try and find Gabrielle, but Alti plays dirty and the final battle fought on the spirit realm between them reveals a terrible future to Xena...

Renee O`Connor was onset for these episode although she wasn`t acting as she shadowed director TJ Scott in preparation for her directorial debut later in the series. Although she presumably got into the short blonde wig to film the crucifixion vision.

The vision Xena experiences thanks to Alti of hers and Gabrielle`s crucifixion is one that haunts her throughout this fourth season.

Claire Stansfield helped develop Alti`s look after seeing Miranda Richardson in the mini series as a villainous sorceress. She got the gravelly voice and heavy black eye make up from there.

Disclaimer : -
Xena`s search for Gabrielle was not harmed during the production of the motion picture

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