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Name: Claire Stansfield
Birth Place: England


Born in England, but raised in Canada, 6 foot tall Claire Stansfield worked as a model as a youngster before turning to acting. She studied in London before returning to Hollywood. Before Xena, Claire was best known for her work on the X Files episode the Jersey Devil as the pre-historic woman Mulder tracked through a deserted building. No lines for Claire, but a memorable role.

She has worked on a number of films such as Drop Zone, Best of the Best II and The Doors.

Claire quit acting and started a business making designer t shirts that did very well, before selling it for a large sum in 2005.


Adventures in the Sin Trade 1
Adventures in the Sin Trade 2
Between the Lines
Them Bones, Them Bones
Send in the Clones
When Fates Collide


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