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Name: Marton Csokas
Date of Birth: 30th June 1966
Birth Place: New Zealand


Kiwi actor Marton Csokas(pronounced Mar-TONE CHO-KASH) is of Hungarian extraction. A versatile actor, Marton appeared in successive episodes of S3 as totally different characters. Best known as Xena`s former lover Borias first seen in The Debt, Marton was excellent as the charismatic bad guy. For once, we saw a man who was believable as a love interest and almost as strong a character as Xena.

However, just the episode before, Marton appeared as Khrafstar, a priest of Dahok who tricked Gabrielle into killing for him, thereby losing her blood innocence and allowing the ultimate evil into the world. Borias reappeared in quite a few episodes, including some of the great flashback to evil Xena episodes like Adventures in the Sin Trade where Xena and Borias get VERY friendly under a bearskin! The very last story A Friend in Need part 1, saw Borias return for the last time. In an episode notable for its crappy guest stars, Marton stood out once again as Xena's old partner in crime.

Marton also appeared in an episode of Hercules. He has recently had a role in the new Star Wars movie, shooting in Autralia. Marton has played many different roles, including a doctor on the classic Kiwi soap Shortland Street.

Marton really has become a big star since the end of XENA. His highest profile roles include elf king Celeborn in Lord of the Rings, the lead baddie role in xXx with Vin Diesel lead to more Hollywood work. Marton played another baddie inKingdom of Heaven and again in The Bourne Supremacy (also starring Karl Urban) and the co-lead in Aeon Flux with Charlize Theron. He teamed up with a bunch of classy Brit actors for Asylum, a change of pace from action to drama, but the movie pretty much tanked. However, Marton clearly has a great career going right now.


The Deliverer
The Debt 1
The Debt 2
Adventures in the Sin Trade 1
Adventures in the Sin Trade 2
Past Imperfect
Last of the Centaurs
A Friend in Need part 1


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