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Name: Darien Takle
Character Name: Cyrene
Birth Date:
Birth Place: New Zealand


Exerienced Kiwi actress, Darien Takle (pronounced TAKE-ul not TACK-ul) plays Cyrene, Xena`s mother.
First seen in Sins of the Past, Cyrene also appeared in Intimate Stranger, The Furies, Takes One to Know One, Lyre Lyre, Amphipolis Under Siege and Haunting of Amphipolis.

Darien has appeared in a wide variety of roles on the stage, especially in musicals. Darien is a single parent with a son, with whom she acted on stage recently. She was interviewed in the Titan Xena Magazine #10 which you can read here and her credits were listed there:

Other Television

  • Shortland Street
  • Marlin Bay 1994
  • Typhon`s People
  • Possession


  • Donuts for Breakfast
  • Sci-Fi Betty
  • The Ugly
  • Heavenly Creatures
  • Bread and Roses
  • The Lost Tribe

Character Description

Cyrene and Xena have not had your usual mother/daughter relationship. In The Furies, we learn that Cyrene actually killed Xena`s father Atrius when Xena was a small child as he was going to kill her. In Sins of the Past, it is apparent Xena has not been home for many years and that Cyrene is ashamed of her. Indeed she is perpared to allow Xena to be stoned to death. However, during the series, she develops into a more sympathetic figure.


Sins of the Past
Intimate Stranger
The Furies
Takes One to Know One
Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire
Amphipolis Under Siege
Haunting of Amphipolis

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