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The Quill is Mightier

Director: Andrew Merrifield
Writer: Hilary J Bader

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Ted Raimi (Joxer/Jett)
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite)
Alison Wall (Minya)
Lawrence Makoare (Barbarian)

Gabrielle carries this Lucy-lite episode. Aphrodite and Ares appear, as does Joxer with minimal Xena.(sigh) Aphrodite casts a spell on Gabrielle`s scroll after being told by Ares that it is Gabriele`s scrolls telling tales of Xena that are turning people into followers of Xena rather than Aphrodite. Now, everything Gabrielle writes comes true! A comedy episode also featuring the return of Minya. Check out that disclaimer - possibly the one that made people sit up the most! The three naked dancing Gabrielles are remembered fondly by fans..

This episode continues with the fish jokes. Fishing is a favourite hobby of producer Robert Tapert, and fishing or fish are a popular theme of the show. Xena`s fish fight at the end is especially humourous.

The title of the episode is from the saying, `the pen(or quill) is mightier than the sword`. Not sure where that is from though..

Disclaimer : -
No naked Gabrielles were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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