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Name:Alison Wall
Birth Place: New Zealand
Marital Staus:


Alison Wall is another Kiwi actress who has become quite a fan favourite. Her character Minya is a real Xena fan - and Minya is a bit of a bumpkin! Minya has been in several Xena episodes.

Alison also appeared in Young Hercules and did some of the voices for the Animated Hercules and Xena:The Battle for Mount Olympus cartoon

"A veteran writer and performer of comedy, she was a core cast member on TV's 'Issuses' 1 & 2, 'That Comedy Show' 1 & 2 , and Comedy Central. Recently at the TV Guide 1998 Television Awards of New Zealand, Alison won the prestigous Best Performance in a Comedy for her role as the Goat Woman on Xena. She dabbles in glass sculpture, studies architecture, is an inspired interior designer and renovator; a renaissance woman."
[from http://www.theatresports.co.nz/]


A Day in the Life
The Quill is Mightier
The Play's the Thing
Takes One to Know One
Send in the Clones

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