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Dear Lila
Xena has a solution for Brexit....KILL 'EM ALL!
lots of love

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"Did you really like my play Empress?"
"Well... it could have used a few more fight scenes."


Director Quentin Tarentino was a bit XWP fan and has cast Zoe Bell, Lucy's stunt double in most of his recent movies.'


19th October 2019 - Lucy Lawless back on UK TV screens

UK fans needing a Brexit escape, Lucy Lawless in back on our screens in the Aussie cop drama My Life is Murder which airs on the Alibi Channel on Tuesdays at 9pm. Lucy stars as ex-cop Alexa Crowe (yes, cover your Amazon Echo ears!) who investigates crimes that outfox the cops. Ephiny herself, the great Danielle Cormack pops up in episide 2. It's fun and breezy (but probably not returning for a second season.)

24th February 2019 - Xena 25th Anniversary Convention Announced!

Dust off your leathers, dig out the DVDs, the Creation Xena Convention is back for one last hurrah (again!) Yes, Creation have announced there will be a 25th Anniversary 'Salute to Xena' convention in LA in August 2020 - plenty of time to get saving and sort out a cat sitter!
It's all taking place 28th-30th August 2020 at the Hyatt Regency, but the big news is that both Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor will be there, along with a whole host of others - Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Alex Tydings, Parid Jefferson, Brittany Powell, Musetta Vander and Steve Sears. Obviously a long way off but I hope they get Ted Raimi, Hudson Leick and producer Rob Tapert. I'd love to get head writer RJ Stewart and some of the directors like Rick Jacobson or TJ Scott too.
Right now only the eye-wateringly pricey gold packages have been announced (I've splashed out and booked mine!) but there will be more affordable options neared the time.
It has been a while so this is great news and hope to see you all there!

27th September 2018 - Xena Reboot Details Revealed!

Remember the excitement over the Xena reboot that never happened? The super talented and very cool writer, Javier Grillo-Marxuach was on the Xena Warrior Business Podcast recently where he revealed details of excatly what the rebooted Xena series would have been.

Xena is a self-made warlord who battled her way out of slavery and is now working with Hercules. They are doing the 12 labors for the king, but with an eye on earning a reward that would allow them to take over the kingdom themselves. However, Hercules betray Xena, steals her army and forces her to do the gauntlet. She is found, badly injured, by Gabrielle, who is a Scythian in this version. She is still young and plucky and verbose and wants to go to Athens to be a writer. She nurses Xena back to health. Xena starts training with Gabrielle, ostensibly so she is prepared for life on the road to Athens, but mainly so Xena can get revenge on Hercules. Just as they are starting to bond, the Scythian king arrives. Gabrielle is the spitting image of a Scythian princess and they need her to marry the leader of another Scythian tribe as they need to band together to fight an approaching army. Xena leaves Gabrielle with the Scythians and heads off to find and kill Hercules. However, it turns out the army about to attack the Scythian capital is actually Hercules' army. Xena decides to go back and save Gabrielle rather than go ahead with pursuing Hercules. The pilot episode ends with Hercules killing half of the city and kidnapping Gabrielle…

The rest of the 12 or 13 season would feature Xena teaming up with a bunch of disavowed soldiers (ncluding Joxer and Autolycus) to go to rescue Gabrielle, which would take 2 or 3 episodes. Her recovery from the ordeal would also take a while. It would be the realisation that saving Gabrielle means more to her than revenge that redeems Xena, rather than sleeping with Hercules! Callisto would also appear, as someone hired to kill Xena. The tone would be somewhere between Gladiator and Mad Max Fury Road with the violence being much more realistic than on the original show. There would still be comedy between the stoic Xena and more bubbly Gabrielle, but not the campiness of the original.

Download the podcast for the whole discussion, as well as Javi's interesting take on the season 2 episode Blind Faith. Such a shame this never happened as I think it sounds very cool. Hercules as the villain of the piece is an interesting take but sadly... not to be. How is it when everthing else gets rebooted, XENA remains... unrebooted!?

1st August 2018 - Time for an update!

So what is happening in the world of XENA? Well not much actually. Lucy's show 'Ash vs the Evil Dead' was cancelled in the spring. Despite everything under the sun getting a reboot, the XENA one appears as dead as a dodo. Lucy and Renee have been doing a few cons, mostly in the US, although Lucy was in Italy a while back. XENA:WARRIOR PODCAST is about to hit the iceburg that is 'Married with Fishsticks', so that could be fun (I rewatched it yesterday...oh my GOD what a pile of crap!)

On a positive note, XENA is back on UK tv screens on the 4Music channel - which confusingly isn't a music channel now! The episodes appear to be rather random in order as I watched Lost Mariner from S2 the other day, The Debt's were on a few days later and it looks like Warrior Priestess Tramp is up next. Still, Xena is ON! Find 4Music on Sky Ch 139, Virgin Ch 129, Freview Ch 18

3rd August 2017 - Listen to this: Xena Warrior Podcast!

I've become kind of obsessed with the Xena Warrior Podcast lately. It is run by three ladies, Vera, Katie and Livy, film grads who are reviewing each episode and releasing a podcast every Monday. The ladies do a great job analysing and discussing episodes, and have me - an old timer - re-watching and thinking again about what works and what doesn't. Yes, there were some difficult times there getting through Ulysses, Giant Killer and some of those season 1 episodes, still finding their feet. Each weekly podcast typically covers 2 episodes, but sometimes the focus is one - like the latest excellent and thought provoking 2 hour chat about The Bitter Suite. You're doing a great job ladies! I'm considering updating my reviews after getting into the show all over again!


This website turns 20 on 28th May 2017 and to celebrate, here's a look at how it all began!
In 1996, I first caught an episode from season 1 The Greater Good on Sky and was hooked. Back in those days, the internet was just a baby and the birth of the show coincided with the internet boom. The main Xena website was 'Tom's Xena Page' and MaryDs AUSXIP site. There were no UK Xena sites, so my imaginatively titled "My UK Xena Page" was born! It was a chance for me to write about my new obsession and importantly, there was a message board available with the GEOCITIES website where a whole bunch of UK fans got to know each other.
The site has gone through a few changes over the last 20 years. In 2000, I was bought out by www.fandom.com during the dot com boom, and joined up to be the Xena page on their site. I got a trip to Comic Con and even some money for almost a year before the bubble burst and it all went south. Since then, I've had to pay to keep the site going and things have quietened down in the Xenaverse. However, I still love to hear from Xena fans. In the last few years, as the next generation of fans discovered the show, I have enjoyed hearing from people getting into the story of the warrior princess and the bard of Poteidaia.
So happy birthday to Xenaville! If you are visiting and want to say hello, pop over to the Yuku message board or drop me a line an feedback_AT_xenaville.com (put in an @ to email me, but I learned the hard way, embedded email addresses on the website end up with a lot of junk emails from deposed princes or people wanting to help me with enlarging things!)

18th May 2017 - Updates

The much talked about Xena reboot seems futher away than a year ago. Javier Grillo-Marxauch left the project over reported 'creative differences.' "I’m heartbroken to have left the Xena project over insurmountable creative differences. The character is dear to me, and to millions of fans worldwide, and I truly believe that now – more than ever – a land in turmoil cries out for a hero. I truly hope that the alchemy of creative elements that has to come together to make possible either a reboot or revival of this amazing property will someday coalesce, and that Xena will return in a way that does honor to what came before while looking to the future."
Javi has interacted with Xena fans and I think many of us were hopeful he would be true to the show we love. Hence, this is sad news, and once again the project is in limbo. Perhaps the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie might revive interest in kick-ass mythological warrior women.

The UK Xenafests are alive and well and we recently got together again (Honestly, I can't remember what number we are up to now!) for a 20th Anniversary get together, where we raised money for the charity Moodswings - a wonderful £1,631. It was lovely to see old friends and several new Xena fans too.

The Xenaville Yuku Message boards have woken up! Do pop over and join in the chat.

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