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Dear Lila
I'm really into something called read-it these days. Or is it reddit? Honestly, I wish people on the internet could spell!
lots of love

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Joxer: We are your true enemies! We spit on your houses, we curse your names, we laugh at your ancestors! Ah ha ha ha.. (arrows shoot Joxer, Gabrille and Xena. The End.)
Been There, Done That


Lucy Lawless once bungee jumped off the Sky Tower in Auckland as part of hosting a NZ travel show.

Xenaville - how it all began!
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24th May 2024 - Xenaverse News Updates

Apologies for the very sporadic updates! In terms of Xena news, Lucy Laweless' show, My Life is Murder is now up to season 4 and remains a lot of fun. If you are in the UK, you can sign up to Acorn TV right here and support this site! or catch it on Alibi.

Creation have another Salute to Xena planned for 30th January 2025-2nd Feb and Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor will be there! If you can get to the LA Marriott in Burbank California, could be fun! This year is the 30th Anniversary of the start of the show - 1995.

Finally, can I suggest you get over to reddit and the r/xena subreddit. A very friendly bunch and a lively place to chat all things Xena: Warrior Princess!

Just one more thing...If you are interested in supporting this site (all my own money spent keeping it going these days, about 25 pounds a month..) Then maybe click on my Amazon Affiliate links if you are thinking of joining and get a FREE TRIAL of these great services:

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8th November 2021 - Xenaverse News Updates

Since Renee O'Connor's guest spot on My Life is Murder, there do seem to have been a few media stories about Lucy and Renee.

The second season is available in the UK on Acorn TV, part of Prime Video. Just £4.99/month plus a 30 day free trial so if you have Amazon Prime, you can sign up and watch for free without being billed for a month! As well as Renee (and her son) in the finale, there is also Michael Hurst, the guy who played the Shakti (and in effect Gabrielle!) in Between the Lines, Colin Muthura-Jaffree, who often engages with fans on social media. Other fun guest stars this season, the wonderful Bill Bailey and William Shatner - yes really (via Zoom though!) The show is a light hearted crime romp and I love it - but for the REALLY annoying jazzy guitar music that is something out of the 1980s, which I hate! Lucy's personality shines through and Alexa Crowe is a fun character for her to play (but watching the show does send my Amazon Alexa device into confusion!)
Episode 10, the season 2 finale is the one with Renee. It's frothy nonsense but just nice to see Lucy and Renee on screen - but don't expect Xena and Gabrielle's close relationship!'
Sign up to Acorn TV right here and support this site!

Here's another fun video, Lucy and Renee on Tiny Kitchen - not a show I've heard of but some nice banter.

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