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1st April 2004 - UK Midlands Xenafest This Weekend!
UK People, just a quick reminder about the UK Midlands Xenafest this weekend. All are welcome, so don't think it's too late! great time guaranteed (probably!)
Find out more details right here

16th March 2004 - DVD News
DVD fans can look forward to Season 4 of XENA, due for release on 15th June 2004 with Season 5 and 6 also expected in 2004 according to Anchor Bay.
You can support Xenaville and pre-order via Amazon.com (although as I am STILL waiting for my S3 DVDs, 5 weeks after its release, not sure I'd recommend Amazon!!! UPDATE - got the DVDs today - UK Customs are the culprit! Amazon posted as promised, UK customs are the idiots who lost them for a month!)
In terms of extras, content is still to be confirmed, but there will be another set of interviews, video and audio commentaries. (Check out MaryDs for details), so its sounds like another must-have set!

1st March 2004 - Oscar for Ngila Dickson
Former XENA costume designer Ngila Dickson was part of the LORD OF THE RINGS Oscar success at the 2004 Adacemy Awards yesterday. Ngila and Richard Taylor were presented with their Oscar by Renee Zellweger. A great night for New Zealand, with Peter Jackson and co taking 11 awards. No Best Actress award for young Keisha Castle-Hughes(Whale Rider) though.

1st March 2004 - Next UK Midlands Xenafest - Book Now!
Yes, UKers, it's that time again. The 12th Midlands Xenafest is happening on Saturday April 3rd. There will be the usual opportunuties to meet up with your XENA pals, enter the quiz, spend money in the charity auction and see some of the new stuff from the S3 DVDs (and thanks to the useless Amazon.com, I'll probably STILL be waiting to see it by then!!)
Find out more details right here

10th February 2004 - S3 DVD Clips Online!
Cinescape has 4 cute little video clips from the S3 DVDs - interview clips with Lucy, Renee and Ted. Obviously, those of you who already have your DVDs won't care, but the rest of you might want a little taster...Try to ignore their XENA ignorance in the first sentence!
Go to the Cinescape site
Want to know more about what is on those eagerly awaited DVDs? Go to the Xenaville Meassage Board

2nd February 2004 - Burbank Convention News
The XENA convention took place last weekend, and did indeed feature a surprise appearance from Lucy Lawless - obviously Renee doesn't read Xenaville, (or other websites) as she was apparently totally surprised by Lucy in disguise!
Hopeful news from writer Katherine Fugate about the Xena movie and more on Renee's remarkable performance was passed onto me - thanks a lot Chris.
[..read more]

30th January 2004 - Burbank Convention
If you are ANYWHERE in the LA area, the Burbank XENA con this weekend looks like a must. A not that cryptic email from Sharon Delaney strongly suggests that Lucy Lawless will be there on Saturday!

Let Us Celebrate You won't want to miss this extra super-special surprise that will be taking place Saturday afternoon at the Official Xena Convention at the Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel.
Tickets will be on sale at the door, and you can't say we didn't warn you not to miss what is gonna happen: it will be the talk of Xena fandom!

Turn up for a day ticket of you are anywhere near - then email me and tell me about it!!

28th January 2004 - Oscar Nominations
Ex-XENA costume designer Ngila Dickson is in the Oscar news after receiving TWO nominations for an Academy Award for Costume Design for her work on Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and also for The Last Samurai. Ngila was nominated last year too.
This years Oscars look like being a distinctly Kiwi affair, with Peter Jackson in the running for Return of the King and fabulous young actress Keisha Castle-Hughes being nominated as Best Actress for the excellent Whale Rider. Keisha was spotted by XENA casting supremo Diana Rowan (who also had a bit part in Motherhood!) Diana also found Anna Paquin for The Piano, to say nothing of being the casting director on Hercules and the Amazon Women introducing a certain Lucy Lawless!

In other Lucy news, if you haven't seen this picture yet, you might get a surprise!
Less than 2 weeks to those eagerly awaited Season 3 DVDs!

14th January 2004 - The Definitive Word on Season 3 DVDs...??
There has been much discussion on the Xenaville Message Boards (and other places too no doubt) about what will be on the upcoming Season 3 DVDs, and especially on the US only Best Buy version, which has extra footage that some people might want.

An email from Sharon Delaney at Creation seems to clear things up (thanks to LadyKate63 for this info)
[...read more]

29th December 2003 - UK Conventions
UK Convention goers might be interested in a couple of upcoming UK Starfury Events. Gina Torres and Adrienne Wilkinson can be seen in the UK in 2004 at two separate Starfury events - well known Xena convention organisers - so check out www.starfury.co.uk for more details.

Gina is at Starfury "Fusion" in Blackpool in April/May, Adrienne is at Starfury "Eternal" in London in March

13th December 2003 - News Update
Sorry I've been slow on the news updates.
Coming up on 30th Jan-1st Feb 2004 is this years XENA convention in Burbank, CA. This years main attraction sees Renee O'Connor taking to the stage - and not JUST in one of those plays! Also worth seeing is the fabulous Gina Torres, Ted Raimi, Danielle Cormack, Victoria Pratt, Allison Wall, Alison Bruce, Charles Mesure, David Franklin, Murray Keane, Charles Keating, Missy Good, Steve Sears and Katherine Fugate. Nice to see a few new faces in the line up.
Visit the Creation Website for more details

The other future event to look out for is the release of the Season 3 DVDs. According to Creation there will be..
".. audio commentary by Lucy and Renee on "The Bitter Suite" and "One Against An Army." An audio commentary by Lucy and Rob on "The Debt I." And an audio commentary by Rob and Liz Friedman on "The Furies." Also audio commentary by Ted Raimi on "King Of Assassins," RJ Stewart on "The Furies," Steve Sears on "When In Rome," and Hudson Leick on "Sacrifice." Besides the audio commentaries that were done, video interviews were conducted with Lucy, Renee, Rob, Ted Raimi, Hudson Leick, Alex Tydings, RJ Stewart, Steve Sears, Eric Gruendemann, Liz Friedman, Bernie Joyce, Armus and Foster, Gillian Horvath, Donald Duncan, Rob Gillies, Oley Sassone, John Laing, Andrew Merrifield "

Sounds great doen't it! Support Xenaville and pre-order through Amazon.com

30th November 2003 - Xena Actors in the UK
Had the great pleasure of meeting Mark Ferguson and Craig Parker at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday. They were there as part of the Memorabilia event. While listed as Lord of the Rings stars (Craig had quite a memorable death as Haldir the Elf in Two Towers), you might know them better as Krykus/Dagnine/John Smyth (Mark Ferguson) and Belerophon/Sarpadon/King Cleades(Craig Parker).
Both actors were very nice and freindly. Mark Ferguson was really delighted with my Xena trading card from Orphan of War and told me about the horrors of working with heavy make up. Craig also mentioned how he enjoyed To Helicon and Back as he got to beat up Lucy for once!
I have a few more pictures on the Xenaville message board, plus some of the delightful Amber Benson from Buffy, and many Doctor Who stars.View right here

23rd November 2003 - DVD news
A slight change on the release date - the Season 3 DVDs now appear to be slated for release on February 10th 2004.

Support Xenaville and Pre-order Season 3 from Amazon.com right here for $48.99

A happy 40th birthday to the classic UK Sci fi show Doctor Who! Spent today watching the definitely Doctor - Tom Baker rules!!

22nd November 2003 - Belated News Updates
Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to England and our Jonny Wilkinson for a FAB victory in the Rugby World Cup! It's about time too!!

Secondly, yes, I *have* been slow with news updates haven't I! Anyway, there have been lots of interviews and articles in the press and online lately with Lucy and Renee. Lucy has been talking about Warrior Women, the new defunct Tarzan and her furture projects. (Still waiting to get a really good look at the new hairdo!) While Renee has also been interviewed online about her upcoming movie projects and the Xena DVDs.
On that front, the Anchor Bay Season 3 DVDs have a release date - 20th January 2004 - mark it in your diaries! Loads of great looking extras should be on there.
Also out now (although long since sold out by the publisher) are the latest Xena trading cards. "The Quotable Xena" set by Rittenhouse - look out for sets or boxes on eBay or Powerstar.

6th November 2003 - TARZAN CANCELLED!
The Mediaweek website reports that WB's Tarzan has been cancelled!

WB Cancels Freshman Drama Tarzan

The WB, which just yesterday gave freshman drama One Tree Hill a full-season order, is cancelling another freshman drama, Tarzan, reports John Consoli.
The network has ordered production to be stopped on the series and is expected to air the remaining three episodes that have been shot during the remainder of the November sweeps.
Tarzan, through five telecasts, recorded a household rating of 2.6, considerably lower than its lead-in, Charmed, which is averaging a 3.6, according to Nielsen Media Research data.
Tarzan is also averaging only a 1.7 in both the 18-49 and 18-34 demos; the latter of which is particularly important to the WB.
Charmed is averaging a 2.9 in 18-34, 41 percent better than Tarzan, which is losing nearly 30 percent of the Charmed viewers.

Read the full article at MediaWeek

29th October 2003 - News Updates
A big thank you to all those who attended the UK Xenafest last weekend. We raised 2322 for the Ashram Women's refuge in Nuneaton. Another good time was had by all. UKers got the chance to see Lucy in Tarzan (opinions varied!) and the Anchor Bay video commentaries (a BIG hit!)
Meanwhile, Tarzan continues to air - hope you are watching - and tomorrow sees the third of Lucy's Warrior Women show air on Discovery UK. So far they've been very enjoyable.
Meanwhile, those UK people interesting in that Yoga weekend with Hudson Leick in Scotland next year might want to check out www.hudsonleick.co.uk for details of how to book up.

12th October 2003 - Lucy News Updates
US Viewers, make sure you tune into Tarzan tonight - it's Lucy Lawless' debut, and ratings were so-so for last weeks premiere. Lucy appears as Kathleen Clayton, Tarzan's aunt.
Meanwhile, UK viewers have Lucy's Warrior Women series starting on Discovery this Wednesday. Discovery are trailing the programme quite heavily, and it has received extensive coverage in the UK press - Lucy is all over the place this week! Sadly, Discovery USA have not bought the rights to this series.

28th September 2003 - News Updates
Thanks a lot to all the people who have emailed me to remind me about Lucy Lawless' Discovery Channel "Warrior Women" series. It starts on October 15th in the UK and is receiving a fair bit of media coverage here. Lucy is on the cover of one of the satellite TV magazines and is also featured in the Sky Magazine this month. Discovery Channel viewers have also seen previews with Lucy. The 5 programmes feature Joan of Arc, Grace O'Malley, Lozen, Mulan and Boudica.

Meanwhile, I hope you US viewers caught Lucy on ET last week. From the screengrabs she looks FAB!!

Finally, Creation are taking orders for the next XENA fan club kit right now. Plus Sharon has some very nice Lucy photos on her Xena page. Get on over to www.creationent.com

24th September 2003 - S3 DVD News...Can't Wait!!
The best thing about the recent S2 DVD release from Anchor Bay was three episode commentaries from Lucy, Renee and Rob. Well Season 3 is looking positively amazing by comparrison, with EIGHT episode commentaries planned according to Sharon Delaney at Creation.

They will include audio commentary by Lucy and Renee on "The Bitter Suite" and "One Against An Army." An audio commentary by Lucy and Rob on "The Debt I." And an audio commentary by Rob and Liz Friedman on "The Furies." Also audio commentary by Ted Raimi on "King Of Assassins," RJ Stewart on "The Furies," Steve Sears on "When In Rome," and Hudson Leick on "Sacrifice." Before you start writing me, I have no idea when they will be released.

Let's hope the release date isn't too far away...

17th September 2003 - More Lucy on Tarzan News
The Official WB website has this rather fab picture and a feature on Lucy Lawless on its Tarzan website. Can't wait to see Lucy as the "witty, sardonic and beautiful" Kathleen Clayton!
Go to the WB Tarzan Site

8th September 2003 - Return to TV For Lucy Lawless!
The Zap2It website reports that Lucy Lawless is joing the new TARZAN show as a regular - playing Tarzan's Aunty! Will she teach him her battle yell....?
[..click here to read more]

2nd September 2003 - News Roundup
It's been a busy time on the Xenaverse, and I've been a bit slow about updates - sorry! Anyway, here's a catch up session..
[..click here to read more]

15th August 2003 - Next UK Xenafest Announced!
Yes, its time for UKers to get together in that lovely pub in Leicester again! The next UK Xenafest will be taking place on Saturday 25th October 2003.
Visit the Xenafest Web Page for details and how to book

15th August 2003 - Claire Out, Paris In for UK August Con!
People going to the UK August convention to see Renee O'Connor will NOT be seeing Claire Stansfield, however, Paris Jefferson(Althena) is the replacement - and I'm a big Athena fan!
Read more at the Creation web site, including a note from Claire Stansfield

7th August 2003 - Great XENA DVD News!
Here's what we've been waiting for! Lucy, Renee and Rob will be contributing episode commentaries for the Anchor Bay DVD releases!
[...read more]

3rd August 2003 - Highland Yoga with Hudson in 2004?
Anyone into Yoga? Any Hudson Leick fans around? Well, plans are afoot to have Hudson do a yoga retreat up in Scotland in 2004....
[...read more]

29th July 2003 - Renee IS doing a Q&A in London!
One of my biggest gripes about Creation's London Con in August was the LACK of opportunity to talk to Renee. Well, looks like someone was listening! This just in from Creation...

Along with appearing in Love Letters with Tim Omundson, Renee will also be doing a 30 minute Question and Answer Session with the audience before the play. Prepare your questions for Renee and get set for this special appearance!
[...Visit the Creation site for more details]

25th July 2003 - Simpsons Xena Action Figures
The best guest starring role for Lucy Lawless was definitely her appearance on The Simpsons and soon you too can be like The Collector in that classic episode! However, right now it appears that you will only be able to get it as part of a set.
[...Read more on this thread at the Xenaville Message Board!]

21st July 2003 - The Return of the Golden Fleece!
Renee O'Connor's recent appearance at the San Diego Comic Con saw the dramatic return of the "Classic-Gabby" long blonde hair!
[...read more]

16th July 2003 - Lucy's Latest Movie Role
Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's production company are shooting a horro film in New Zealand right now, and Lucy Lawless has a role...!
[...read more]

9th July 2003 - Hudson and Renee News
Bit of a news update on Renee at Comic Con and Hudson Leick in Tru Calling, the pilot show starring Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy.)
[...read more]

9th July 2003 - UK TV News - XENA movies to BRAVO!
After years of being messed around by Channel 5, XENA and HERCULES will be moving to the BRAVO tv channel in August according to the Cult TV website. (Incidentally, XENA season 6 is on daily reruns on Sky One Mix at 6pm at the moment....)
[...read more]

29th June 2003 - Calendar News, Lucy Bits..
A nice shot of Lucy leaping tall buildings was in the New Zealand press recently! Plus find out about THREE Xena calendars for 2004.
[...read more]

20th June 2003 - New XENA Trading Cards
As long as they keep selling I guess Rittenhouse will keep making them! Yes, it's the next release of XENA trading cards, pretty much the only new merchandise still being released (apart from US DVDs...)
This latest set sre called "The Quotable Xena". Check out the Rittenhouse seb site for details of all the sub-sets/autographs etc. October 2003 is the expected release date.
...Go to the Rittenhouse Web Site

17th June 2003 - NO Xena/Relic Hunter Crossover!!!
Further to the story below about a possible Xena/Relic Hunter crossover, Creation have said that according to XENA producer Rob Tapert, it's a "total lie and fabrication." Ah well...

13th June 2003 - Xena/Relic Hunter Crossover???
Love this story! There's a rumour about a possible XENA/Relic Hunter corssover right her, including some alleged Lucy and Rob quotes....
...check it out

11th June 2003 - Renee in the Movies!
News of an upcoming movie role for Renee O'Connor!
[...read more]

28th May 2003 - Lucy Lawless Interview Online
Lucy Lawless appeared on the Irish chat show The Late Late Show this week, and lucky for us non-Irish fans, the whole interview is available on the net. Get your Real Player cranked up at visit The Late Late Show website. Click on "last weeks show"

16th May 2003 - UK Creation Con Tickets
Creation's UK Strong Women of Sci Fi Convention in August(which now has LOTS of men!) now has day tickets available. Remember, Renee is ONLY scheduled for that Love Letters play - no autographs or chat....
Visit the Creation site for more on this

16th May 2003 - Lucy on Graham Norton
Hope all UK fans saw Lucy on the Graham Norton Show. Didn't she look great? That was *MY* Gabrielle bobble head doll by the way - not sure where my Xena one went! See some fab screen grabs and a transcript over on MaryDs site

11th May 2003 - Lucy on UK TV this Week!!!
UK fans, apparently Lucy Lawless will be a guest on V Graham Norton this Tuesday(13th May)! I had an email from someone on the show. Tune in to Channel 4 at 10pm and keep your fingers crossed!

26th April 2003 - Review of new XENA Book
So this new XENA book, is it any good? Read my review of XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS The Complete Illustrated Companion by K. Stoddard Hayes.
[...read more]

XENA Book Competition - Congratulations to the 5 winners of the Competition for the new XENA book, Joyce, Carolyn and Lori from the USA, Danielle from Brazil and Paul from the UK.

22nd April 2003 - Update on ex-XENA Cast & Crew
What are Gina Torres, Adrienne Wilkinson and others up to? A not terribly comprehensive update right here...
[...read more]

18th April 2003 - WIN the new XENA Book right here!
Yep, we have FIVE copies to give away of the new XENA book....
[...read more]

3rd April 2003 - Lucy in the British Isles!!!
Find out where in the British Isles Lucy Lawless is lurking!!
[...read more]

22nd March 2003 - Lucy and Renee on the Town in Hollywood!
Lucy and Renee stepped out for a pre-Oscars party hosted by Investment New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, grandly titled A Celebration of New Zealand Film-making and Creative Talent. Photos too!
[...read more]

21st March 2003 - DVD News
There has been a lot of confusion of the forthcoming Anchor Bay DVDs. A bit of clarification from Sharon Delaney at Creation Entertainment today...
[...read more]

19th March 2003 - TV Alert
US viewers, make sure to tune in to this weeks ANGEL episode. Not just for the pleasure of seeing Buffy's Alyson Hannigan (Willow) crossover and David Boreanaz with 1070s hair, but because Adrienne Wilkinson - Xena's little girl Eve - pops up in a delightful little cameo. However, no onscreen credit for Adrienne at all! Unfair! Excellent episode so check out your listings. UK fans have a few weeks to wait.

18th March 2003 - An News Update (*gasp*)
Yes, its been a quiet month for XENA news. This is just a link to extras on the forthcoming XENA season 1 DVDs. Check out http://www.bestbuy.com/movies/promo.asp?m=270&p=3362

23rd February 2003 - Fab Lucy Interview.
MaryD has the transcript of an excellent Lucy Lawless interview on her site, plus some very lovely photos! Get over there... and read it

19th February 2003 - Creation News
Creation hawk a new video, plus more guests for the UK Convention next August.
[...read more]

18th February 2003 - Disturbing XENA movie Rumour...
Yes, very disturbing! It's being reported that Mariah Carey is to sing a Xena/Gabrielle song in the XENA movie! No, please, anything but that! (Well, apart from Celine Dion)..
[...read more]

17th February 2003 - Lucy Lawless' T Shirt for NZ Breast Cancer
Lucy has been putting her name to another worthy cause in New Zealand - this time designing a VERY snazzy t shirt for Breast Cancer Research. Check out the story (nice picture of Lucy too..)
[...read more]

13th February 2003 - Convention Bits.
Read Xenaville's own Joyce's take on the Pasadena Convention HERE. Also more on Renee in the UK..
[...read more]

11th February 2003 - Renee O'Connor at UK Convention!
This from the Pasadena Convention, Renee will be in London next August for the Creation Convention.
[...read more]

11th February 2003 - Pasadena Convention Bits
No, I didn't go, just passing on the news as I've heard it...
[...read more]

8th February 2003 - Yes MORE Anchor Bay DVD Rumours
More stuff from the Josh Becker web site on the Anchor Bay DVDs - or are they Anchor Bay???! Read this question and answer...
[...read more]

7th February 2003 - Anchor Bay DVD Rumours
XENA director, Josh Becker has mentioned on his web site about doing a commentary for the forthcoming DVD release.
[...read more]

3rd February 2003 - Xenaverse News
First of all, many thanks to everyone who came along to the 10th Midlands Xenafest on Saturday.
[...read more]

28th January 2003 - Pasadena Con Updates
The Creation Web site has more details about the big XENA convention coming up in a couple of weeks.
[...read more]

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