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Top Ten Watery Moments

So many episodes feature a watery there. Well Greece is a sea faring country, and Rob Tapert DOES love fishing! I also remember hearing Lucy say that wet girls are considered sexy to explain the number of times Xena and Gabrielle get soaked. Lucy apparently hated being wet and cold more than anything else. Rats - fine, Rain? Yuk!

Anyway, bubbling under in the watery top ten - Legacy and another bath. Xena goes fishing in A Day in the Life, while Gabrielle gets a face full of fish! Xena's swim to the underworld in Mortal Beloved, her cool escape from the water dungeon in The Black Wolf, rolicking in the waves at the end of The Bitter Suite, canoeing doen a dangerous river in The Price, Gabrielle takes a shower in If the Shoe Fits, and for water content, Married With Fishsticks should probably be in here, but I can't bring myself to put that ep on ANY top ten list!!
Here are my picks for the top ten watery moments...

10. Tsunami, not a great ep, but one that is the ultimate in watery moments. Hardly a dry minute in the episode!

9. A rather different bathtub scene in Paradise Found, I mean the second one (yes 2 baths in one ep. Clearly Xena is VERY dirty!) when Xena has that vision of crushing Gabrielle's hand. I love dark Xena..!

8. Different water for this one - rain. A grieving Xena goes deer hunting in Adventures in the Sin Trade and boy, is it throwing it down! More rain as Xena is crucified (again) in When Fates Collide

7. "Not the lips...they chap so easily!" Gabrielle spits water in Xena's face in Fins, Femmes and Gems

6. The Abyss sees Xena and Gabrielle get wet - AGAIN! There follows a very sweet if chilly looking scene where Gabrielle expresses her wish to be buried with Xena. Ah...

5. The entire water dungeon scene in The Debt 2, from Xena being chucked in with a table round her neck, to that fab "scratch my nose will ya" scene, to Gabrielle's tears. Water, water everywhere...

4. Xena goes for a swim with the incredibly stupid Rhinemaidens in The Rheingold. "I think I love her," says one. "So do I," says another. We, the audience, watch in amusement as conniving Xena's smirk is a DEAD giveaway! Well would YOU have trusted Xena in that black cossie? Clearly bad Xena.

3. "Are you sitting on the soap?" A Day in the Life and the best bathtub ep still. Love that waterfight.

2. Lao Ma gives Xena some much needed air in The Debt and Lucy has to put up with yet more underwater acting in kerosene infected water. What a trouper..

1. Gabrielle gives water to Xena mouth to mouth in A Friend in Need 2. Yeah, right because of course that was the only way to give her water - from her lips...

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