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Top Ten Musical Moments
XENA has many strengths, the music being a big one. All praise to Joe LoDuca!

10. Let the Spirit Move me from S4's A Tale of Two Muses. Lovely song..and NOT Lucy Lawless sining by the way..

9. The finale, People Got to Be Free in S5's Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire. A real feel good moment on the show.

8. The haunting music that accompanied the final scene of A Friend in Need ..sob!

7. Xena's dance around the fire grieving for Gabrielle in S4's Adventures in the Sin Trade I. Still makes me cry.

6. The funeral song for Ephiny in S4's Endgame. A gorgously evocative musical moment. Nice chanting too.

5. Gabrielle's stunned expression at the end of To Helicon and Back is accompanied by some of Joe LoDuca's most beautiful music. Just wonderful.

4. Xena and Ares dance the tango as Ares sings Melt into Me in S3's The Bitter Suite ..a sizzling sexy tune, and Kevin Smith is not bad either.

3. The Bacchae Rap song in S2's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Don't know who wrote it, but its never made it to the Soundtrack CDs. I just love that groove though. "If you want my love, you better drink the blood..."

2. Xena sings Love of your Love in S3's The Bitter Suite. Not a dry eye in the house. The most beautiful song perfectly delivered by Lucy.

1. Jace enters to Dancing in the Moonlight in S5's Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire. One of the funniest entrances for a character, Ted Raimi was superb, and that song is just so infectious. LETS DANCE!

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