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Top Ten Chakram Thows
contributed by Caspiana

10. The Deliverer - Caesar throws a spear at Xena, the chakram splits it perfectly in two, and as an added sting in the tail re-directs the spearhead into Caesar`s hand

9. Warrior, Princess, Tramp - Will the real Xena please step forward? Xena demonstrates that she is who she says she is with a cool chakky throw and catches it just before it slices Gabby`s head off.

8. Coming Home - At last those mean old Furies get a taste of the chakram, that should stop them getting into peoples` heads again!

7. Chakram - The all new improved Yin/Yang model splits in two, now Xena can cause double the trouble

6. Locked Up and Tied Down - The chakram gets gabby out of trouble again by slicing through the noose just as she is about to be hanged

5. Legacy - Yet again Xena has to prove she really is the one and only legendary warrior princess with a very cool chakram throwing demo.

4. Been There, Done That - Joxer gets more than his ribs tickled when Xena hurls the chakky at his chest

3. Ides of March - Callisto gets hold of the chakram and gives Xena a very bad back ache

2. Motherhood - Xena loves Gabby so much that she uses the chakram to carve her initials on Gabbby`s head ..*G*

1. Been There Done That - The ultimate chakram throw! Xena stops the old man getting killed and the girl drinking the poison, it is possible to be in 2 places at once when you have a chakram!

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