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Top Ten Xena Pinch scenes

10. Xena questions a young soldier at the start of A Day in the Life. One of the funnier pinch interrogations...and Gabrielle learns that she is allowed to join in!

9. Gabrielle gets the pinch - well kind of - in Devi as Xena tried to exorcise Tartaka from her.

8. Xena interrogates one of the Horde in The Price. What puzzled me about this one was Gabrielle`s reaction to`d think she had never seen Xena do it before.

7. Palaemon becomes the first to call Xena`s bluff and NOT tell her anything while under the pinch in Blind Faith. Hasn`t happened often again ..

6. `What is the capital of Assyria?` Mad Xena puts the pinch on a ruffian in The Furies - one of my favourite episodes, and an hilarious scene.

5. Xena questions the wharf master in Vanishing Act. I love watching Gabrielle counting down the 30 seconds in this one.

4. Xena puts the pinch on a bad guy in In Sickness and in Hell and a drooling Gab carried out the interrogation...too horrible! He talks instantly!

3. Gabrielle takes the pinch OFF in Haunting of Amphipolis. The first time she has had a go at it, and it takes Gab quite a few goes to release the pinch from Xena...phew!

2. Xena put the pinch on M`Lila in Destiny. The girl has JUST taught Xena how to do it, and gets it back in return from a grinning Xena..wicked woman!

1. Xena teaches Gabrielle how to use The Pinch - finally - in A Friend in Need I. Such a touching scene, you just know it's not going to end well..

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