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Week of June 23, 2001

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UK Starfury Convention
June 30-July 2

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Top Ten Evil Xena moments...contributed by Neil

10. The Reckoning - A momentary loss of control brought on by a simultaneous physical beating and an out-of-body seduction by Ares ... those poor peasants never knew what hit them ... and poor Gabrielle gets knocked across the room.

9. Past Imperfect - Murdering all those soldiers on the river bank, just for "shock value" ... have I said how much I love Evil Xena?

8. Ties That Bind - When Xena sees who she thinks is her father hung up to die ... the expression of rage on her face, and the awesome music as the army charges on the village ... just brilliant.

7. The Price - horrors of war and memories of defeat at the hands of an inhuman enemy, a combination of events that brings back the military monster side of Xena. A side that only Gabrielle has a hope of tempering. And what are we gonna do? Kill `em all!!

6. The Rheingold - A new one ... the way "Evil" Xena flirts with the Rheinmaidens in order to get to the Rheingold ... and then brutally elbows the one who took her to see it in the face .... totally vicious. I loved it.

5. Paradise Found - When the hallucinations first start to kick in, and Xena fantasises about crushing Gabrielle`s hand while in the bath .... that absolutely terrifying glowering look she gives, as she says everything is .... "perfect...."

4. The Debt - So much brutality, treachery and murder ... where should I start? How about the fight at the beginning, and its gruesome aftermath? There`s nothing like a row of severed heads to make a point....

3. Destiny - Our first flashback to Xena`s past ... and the brutal, sadistic way she kills the Roman soldiers at the end is a chilling foreshadowing of the horrors that await the rest of the world.

2. Adventures in the Sin Trade 2 - Wiping out the all the leaders of a nation? Just like that? And treating it like sport? Possibly her darkest hour. Except for....

1. The Bitter Suite - "It can`t be bargained with. It can`t be reasoned with. It doesn`t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, until you are dead!" A quote from "The Terminator" - but horribly appropriate as Xena rides into town

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