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Top Ten Animal Appearances on XENA

10. Solaris the fish gets launched into outer space in Fins, Femmes and Gems

9. Meet Argo Mk II! Xena and the new Argo meet in Livia

8. Arachnaphobia!! Eve and Xena get far too close to that alarmingly large spider in Motherhood

7. Xena`s rat toss in Locked Up and Tied Down

6. Gabrielle bonds with her unnamed 'handsome' horse in Animal Attraction

5. Intimate Stranger when Argo was the only one who realises Xena wasn`t herself, and almost got killed!

4. Gabrielle gets hit in the face with several species of fish in A Day in the Life

3. Gabrielle`s fight with the killer bunny in In Sickness and in Hell

2. Xena says goodbye to Argo in One Against an Army....aaaaahh! How sweet..

1. When Argo and that other horse refuse to help kill Xena in The Greater Good, yep, Argo is the REAL hero of the show!

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