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Top Ten Head Adornments contributed by Gabby and Sapphie

10. Gabby's aka Tataka's crown in Devi - lots of gold and pearls but gabby was still lovely underneath it all.

9. Joxer's helmet (yes, the metal one) - loath him or hate him, his hat was memorable!

8. Gabby's hippy hat in Locked Up Tied Down - even armless clawry women fell for her hatted charms!

7. Bad Xena's dog flap ears hat from The Debt and all those other flashback eps. - rather nutty (but not evil) and she does look good in hats!

6. Najara's skull-cap-helmet - but Najara will be in any top ten we do!

5. Xena, Gabby and Yakut get horny - yes we love those boney amazon shamoness kinda dead animal head pieces!

4. Xena's Valkyrie helmet - it even has wings and she does look good in hats!

3. Cyane's Bjorn Borg Headband look in Adventures in the Sin Trade - even though she was better in the buff!

2. Janice Covington's fedora in The Xena Scrolls - weeeeeel sexy - phoar!!!!!

1. Amarice's Hat from Season 4 - why did she wear it? Where did it go?

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