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Week of June 23, 2001

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June 30-July 2

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Top Ten Scenes that make you go...."Yuk!"

10. The super sweet Callisto in Fallen Angel. So saccharine and too good to be true...weren`t you just waiting for that evil grin. Good Cally is just no good!!

9. Xena amputates a leg in Is There a Doctor in the House. Amazing what you can do with a sword and shield...hands up who closed their eyes or winced when Xena chopped?!

8. Joxer at the end of Comedy of Eros. OK, I might be puzzling a few more people, but I hate his stupid cow eyed look at the end of this ep. Made me want to punch him in the mouth...eyuk!

7. Gabrielle`s snack in Gabrielle`s Hope. OK, so we know she was pregnant but chicken gizzards?? And I don't even want to think about what Goat's cream is...

6. Rats!! Death in Chains or Locked Up and Tied Down..wonder if Lucy made Rob suffer for those episodes?

5. Ulysses...what a creepy bloke! And Xena kisses him! Yuk!

4. Gabrielle`s`s green and its on the move! In Sickness and in Hell`s grossness, especially the bits where Gab peels bits off! Not forgetting the drooling either.

3. Joxer bares all in Fins, Femmes and Gems. That white hairless body was too much for me...

2. Xena has a large spider crawl over her face that then grows Gabrielle`s head in Adventures in the Sin Trade 2.

1. The whole of Married With Fishsticks! High on my list, Ted's ultra slimy character and those ridiculous children. Yuk indeed!

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