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Top Ten Kevin Smith Episodes

We'll never forget him, and here are my choice for Kevin's finest moments on XENA and HERCULES

10.The Reckoning - Terrible stick-on beard, but Kevin's first appearance in the Xenaverse was pretty memorable for his seductive scenes with Xena. Kevin and Lucy always looked so great together.

9. The Furies - Ares and Xena made such great adversaries, and this one even hinted that he might be Xena's dad! Ares at his most manipulative..

8. HERC: Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules - and its follow up, Kevin played Jerry Patrick Brown as a military redneck, and proved once again that he has great range. VERY funny.

7. Ten Little Warlords - Ares loses his godhood for the first time, and boy was scruffy Ares sexy!

6. The Quill is Mightier - Ares and Gabby almost have a bonding moment in this fun comedy - nice comic timing from Kevin.

5. HERC: Stranger in a Strange World - A Herc ep, but Kevin was GREAT as the alternate Ares, God of Love, all in white lycra :)

4. Amphipolis Under Siege - Ares is the sap for once as Xena tricks him, after a sizzling seduction scene!

3. Motherhood - Ares gives up his godhood for the love of Xena...aaahhh!!

2. Old Ares Had a Farm - Kevin spends almost the whole episode shirtless..what more could you want?

1. The Bitter Suite - That gorgeously sexy voice and Kevin and Lucy dancing. Great stuff

RIP Kevin Smith...

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