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Top Ten Loves of Xena's Life

10. Ares - Xena always has had a weakness for bad boys..

9. Fishing - well a girl`s gotta have a hobby....

8. Her sword - a warrior`s best pal

7. Her Chakram - no matter what its design, it is the weapon that defines her

6. Gabrielle`s scrolls - soft, strong and very very long!

5. Kicking butt - it *is* good to enjoy your work, and Xena relishes it, as you can tell by her big grin when pulverising people.

4. Her family - Solon and Eve are sort of special even if they aren`t your average children, mad old Cyrene, and young bro Lyceus. Only boring Toris doesn't seem to have had that much impact on her. Not forgetting dear old dad....who was he again??

3. Leather - tough, durable, protective, looks great - what`s not to like!

2. Argo - the faithful mare and the real star of the show. The real tragedy of A Friend in Need, no closure for Argo!! Has she been abandoned??

1. Gabrielle - well who else!

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