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Top Ten XENA and X FILES links!

10. The abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha was the catalyst for his search for the truth. The killing of Xena's brother Lyceus was what started her off on her path as a warrior.

9. William B Davis playes the Cigarette Smking Man on the X FILES and was Lucy Lawless' drama teacher years ago.

8. Both shows have an dynamic, hands-on creator - Chris Carter on the X FILES and Rob Tapert on XENA.

7. "Trust no one.." The motto of the X FILES, but also heard in the XENA Series finale, A Friend in Need, when Xena tells the conniving little Akemi to "trust no one.."

6. The X FILES episode "First Person Shooter" featured a cyber killer female character, who used a sword to behead a guy (and wore what looked like a set of Callisto leathers!) When a girl who the cyber character was modelled on was asked if she had killed two people using a pistol and a broadsword she said, "you must have me confused with my sister - Xena Warrior Princess."

5. Fanfiction - there is a HUGE amount of it out there. The X FILES has the legendary Gossamer Project, with 100s of storys. The XENA equivalent is possibly Lunacy's fanfiction site - not an archive, but possibly the best place to search for XENA fanfiction. XENA fanfiction is nearly all ALT - stories that feature Xena and Gabrielle as lovers, while in the X FILES world you are either a "shipper" or a "non-shipper" (that's from the word RELATIONSHIP, and is all about Mulder and Scully as lovers). Look for the magic letters 'MSR'- meaning 'Mulder/Scully Romance.'

4. SUBTEXT!! The relationship between the 2 main characters on both shows is a bit of an 'are they or aren't they' one.

3. Two shows beginning with "X" many others can you think of?

2. They are both shows that centre on 2 characters; one tall and dark, one short and reddish/blonde...

1. LUCY LAWLESS! Lucy's role on The X FILES in the autumn is great news for XENA and XFILES fans, like me my 2 favourite shows!

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