UK DVD release
Series 1 (eps 1-12)
September 17th 2001
Universal Playback

US XENA, Trek and Sci Fi Convention
Dearborn, Michigan
October 13-14
Hudson Leick and Kevin Smith
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Top Ten Excuses for Xena hitting Gabrielle in the head with her chakram in Motherhood
One of the most controversial events of Season 5...but what excuses can Xena come up with!!

10. Xena knew that Gabrielle would be fine as she always dies in the season finales and then recovers

9. PMS

8. It slipped...honest!

7. She assumed Gabrielle would duck

6. A wizard did it

5. Xena had noticed her hair was getting long and decided to give her a trim.

4. She was fed up of whiny Eve and was aiming for her but got distracted

3. The short blonde hair made her think it was Callisto for a moment

2. Target practice - a warrior has to keep her skills sharp

1. She didn't have time to drag her behind her horse and chuck her off a cliff

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